101 in 1001

Start Date: May 15, 2012

End Date:February 10, 2015

1. Make a Summer Wreath
2. Teach Ellie to walk on a leash
3. Eat at J. Alexanders
4. Make a recipe from every course in my Southern Living cookbook and serve it to my family
5. Re-read Redeeming Love (I like to read it once a year)
6. Lose 30 lbs
7. Start (and stick to) a normal exercise routine
8. Teach Ellie a new trick
9. Paint the den
10. Pay off my car
11. Take a weekend trip to Nashville
12. Recover my dining room chairs
13. Get a tan!
14. Learn how to make ribs
15. Learn how to make hot wings
16. Clean up the back yard
17. Fence in the back yard
18. Go see a movie!
19. Get a pedicure with a friend!
20. Make home made ice cream
21. Buy a new pair of cute summer wedges
22. Replace all of the old light fixtures in the house
23. Make bookshelf backings for the den
24. Make new pillows for the den
25. Picnic on the mountain with Justin and Ellie
26. Go to the B'ham zoo
27. Make Bananas Foster
28. Host a Pinterest Party!
29. Drink more water!
30. Learn to not rely on cokes for caffeine and energy
31. Take Ellie to see Grannie
32. Make meatloaf for the first time
33. Redo my recipe binders
34. Start and finish a whole series of a new tv show How I Met Your Mother!!!!
35. Read a book series
36. Write letters to the people that have influenced me the most
37. Dust my house more often
38. Travel to a new state that I have never been to.
39. Make a wreath for every season/major holiday
40. Build a tv stand for our tv in the den or buy one for $25 at a yardsale...
41. Find a church family that fits us as a married couple
42. Help others meal plan
43. Get a bigger bed for our master bedroom
44. Start a new bible study
45. Go on a weekend trip to a city that we have never been to
46. Fly a kite
47. Visit the local farmers market
48. Learn how to play craps in Tunica
49. Clean my car inside and out
50. Clean out the flower beds in the front yard
51. Rearrange closets
52. Organize Kitchen Cabinets
53. Celebrate Justin's 26th birthday!
54. Celebrate Justin's 27th birthday!
55. Do something great for our first anniversary!
56. Make picture albums for wedding pictures
57. Take Ellie to the dog park
58. Go visit Mema in Arkansas
59. Recover glider and ottoman
60. Redo our mantel and book shelves in the den
61. Hang up artwork in the living room/dining room
62. Get a super cute hair cut
63. Go to IKEA!!!!!!!!!!!!!
64. Get a new computer desk Also a yard sale find $5
65. Encorporate a quiet time with God in my every day life
66. Go to the beach with my CFSF friends!
67. Ride a horse
68. Make a dessert that I haven't ever made before
69. Sew a piece of clothing for myself
70. Sew Ellie collar handkerchiefs
71. Make a family cookbook
72. Make my own popsicles
73. Paint a piece of furniture
74. Get a dance game for the Wii
75. Get a new pair of boots
76. Get a couples massage
77. Go to an open house of a house that we cannot afford! haha
78. Beat Justin at bowling
79. Make home made Christmas gifts
80. Watch the sunset over the Tennesee River
81. See some of my best friends get married
82. Find an opportunity or organization that makes a real difference
83. Have a Disney movie marathon/party with the girls
84. Go to an awesome concert
85. Buy a great new dress and plan a date to wear it to
86. Get a new pair of high heels
87. Host a shower
88. Start (and finish) a puzzle.
89. Have my cousins over for a sleepover
90. Glam up Ellie's food containers
91. Go on a beach trip with friends
92. Make eggplant parmesan
93. Go to a new fabric store
94. Go eat at the Main Dish
95. Make an Emergency Binder/Kit
96. Make home made Ellie treats
97. Start an anniversary picture ritual
98. Make some legwarmers
99. Decorate our house and have a great first Christmas together
100. Make a few headbands
101. Establish a filing system and file our important papers.

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