Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, Spring WAS Sprung...

So, am I the only one that is not too happy about this drastic weather change!?! The weather was pretty much dreadful for 80% of Spring Break!! I don't like how we went from 70 degrees and sunny on the first day of spring to frigid, rainy weather!! Not cool at all!!

Even though spring has only made a short cameo this week, I am still determined to go along my merry little way towards spring. I saw this adorable project on one of my most favorite blogs to stalk and I decided that I wanted to try it!
It is great if you have eggs in the fridge that have expired (which this was the case in our apt), and it is really easy and fun!!

So here are my eggs on day one...

We will see how this goes...haha

So, I finally got to meet Anderson Brooks Melnick this weekend! I traveled to Opelika for the weekend to visit and finally see the sweet boy I have been hearing all about last week! He is so precious and he realy is a good baby! He has the cutest hair and the most adorable arm and leg wrinkles! Really, just everything about him is precious and perfect! He is destined to be a baby model for real! He had his newborn pictures made the day that I got there, and they are all going to be so wonderful! With a child so perfect it is hard to capture a bad picture! Seeing a beautiful baby like Anderson would make the biggest scrooge or grinch turn into the happiest person in the world! You just look at him and think "God is SO good!" I just hope that I will be able to see him again before he gets too much bigger! I know that every time I see him he is going to look so different and grown up!

He loves to sleep with his hands up by his face or over his head! I love it!

I am smitten and totally obsessed!

Look at that big boy in his polo onesie!!! Isn't he the cutest!?
So this is a VERY IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT! If you have seen any of these 4 socks could you please please please return them to my sock drawer (middle drawer in my makeshift plastic dresser in my closet). I don't usually have this problem, but for some reason this week has resulted in 4 very lonely socks without their mate.

I got the most wonderful card in the mail from one of my best friends Stephanie! It is definitely one of the best cards I have ever received, and there is no better way to get back into the swing of things for preceptorship this week!

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