Saturday, July 27, 2013

Smart new home ownership investments ~ Part One

Hey guys!!!
I have been thinking for a few weeks now about doing a post about some of the most important investments we have made after becoming home owners! I think that the idea came to me when I started helping one of my besties look for her first house and I have gone with her to look at some homes and I love trying to help her with any suggestions that I have after we purchased our first home so I wanted to share a few things with all of you as well! After I started writing this post I decided that it was TOO much so I am going to do a 3 part blog so here it goes!

 We have definitely not been homeowners very long at all, but it is amazing how much I have learned and what I believe are such important investments to make the biggest investment you will ever make your ideal home! Here is a picture of me and the hubby the day we closed on our first house; September 30th, 2011! We bought this 3 bedroom, 2 bath ranch style house that was built in 1966 in an absolutely wonderful neighborhood. We are still to this day so grateful that we found this house with such an amazing backyard and deck, but it definitely needed and still needs updates and work!

So, here are two of the best investments (big and small) that we have made since we moved into our first home in no particular order...

1. Carpet Steamer

   We are both unfortunate and fortunate at the same time with the flooring in our home. Unfortunate because the majority of the flooring is carpet, but fortunate at the same time because it was brand new when we moved in. Justin bought this carpet steamer from and we have used it SO much! I think that I have actually become a little obsessed with it; there is just something about a freshly steamed room full of carpet that is just so wonderful! We have truly gotten our $89 worth out of this steamer which makes it a very important investment for us!

2. New Light Fixtures and Hardware (if you are buying an older home)
The very first thing I did when we bought our house was replace all of the knobs on our closet doors in all 3 of our bedrooms. I am going to eventually replace the closet doors, but this was my fix for now to make the doors a little bit more appealing to me. I also have slowly replaced the hardware on the cabinets throughout our house and probably the biggest impact has been new light fixtures. There is literally one light fixture left in our house that was there when we moved in the rest were completely hideous and straight out of the sixties. There are a lot of affordable and amazing options out there! Here are some of my favorites....


Cabinet hardware is another super easy and pretty inexpensive way to add a completely new look to your cabinets or closet doors! There are SO many cute hardware options out there with many different price options. If you are just looking to update a piece of furniture you have its ok to splurge and spend more for a few knobs if you really love them. Here are my ten favorites that I found and several of them I have in my house now...


So there you have it guys! Part one of my 3 part blog series! Like I said, I am DEFINITELY not an expert on this stuff, it is simply my opinion on some things that help make a house a home! Hope you enjoy!!!

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