Monday, August 19, 2013

Customize your Family's Command Station!


Well, it is officially that time......... FALL IS COMING!!!! School has started, the weather has definitely changed here in Alabama, and football is quickly approaching! Fall is my absolute favorite month hands down! I just love everything about it... the screams that I always hear from the den while Alabama is playing football, the smell of chili cooking in the crock pot, the beautiful leaves that change colors, the cooler weather, and on and on and on! I just love everything about it!
So, we don't have kids yet and no one that is in school, but I thought it was a good time to make a customized little family command center on our fridge! I have tried to keep our fridge organized with only the things that we really need so it doesn't look too junky, so I decided to make this little catch all place on the side of our fridge! The beauty of it is that you can customize it to your family's needs!
Here is another look at what mine looks like and I will break down for you the supplies that I used...

  • I started off with THIS awesome sheet of dry erase peel and stick board! It is 24x17.5 inches so it is definitely big enough to be the base of my command center! BONUS: it also came with that cute green dry erase marker up there that has Velcro already attached so you can stick it to your surface! :) Another idea that I saw when I was looking at ideas for this was using a sheet of actual vinyl and then you can customize it to the measurements you want and you can also use a dry erase marker on it as well!
  • I wanted to add a little pop of color to my blahhh fridge so I got THIS super fun washi tape which is my new best friend! I added it to the edges of my dry erase piece to make a cute border. I have always seen it and heard about washi tape, and it is seriously awesome and will stick to all kinds of things! You can find different kinds of washi tape at a local craft store, or amazon which is where I got mine! The possibilities are ENDLESS!
  • Customized calendar/to do lists/ cleaning or chore list that works best for your family. I have purchased several items from THIS etsy shop from one of my favorite bloggers Jennifer Jones at  She has so many options to choose from and the best part is that she customizes it for your family and emails you the finished product! LOVE it and highly recommend it!

Add magnets, hooks, pens, whatever really works well for you and your family's needs!

Here is a closer look at my favorite customized piece that Jennifer has done for me. I put it in a clear picture frame that has a magnet on the back ( I got mine at Michaels a while back) that way I can use my dry erase marker to update my chores. I absolutely love this cleaning checklist and it always keeps everything into perspective for me!

That is it! I really liked making this and it doesn't take long at all and will make you feel instantly more organized and prepared for your day! Hope you enjoy!

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