Thursday, January 16, 2014

Daily Valentines for your Sweetie!

I know that it sounds crazy to even start talking about Valentines Day! If you are like me you are still in a Christmas and New Years coma! I just finally got the last of my decorations put up last weekend! But, I wanted to share this Valentines idea that I did for the hubby last year because it actually starts on February 1st. The idea is that starting February 1st you give your valentine a small little treat everyday leading up to February 14th. We don't do actual gits for Valentines, we usually just either cook a nice meal or go out to one of our favorite places. Last year he was just starting a new job and I wanted to do a little more than I usually do.
So, it is super easy to do and it is also not expensive! Before you go buy your goodies it is a good idea to get a plan. I made a list of all of Justin's favorite candies, goodies, and drinks. I also looked around on Pinterest for some ideas. Some of the little sayings that I used were....
  • I'm STUCK on you ~ Gum
  • Thank ou for alwas ROOTing for me!~ Rootbeer
  • I'm NUTS about you ~ Snickers
  • I'm so FORTUNATE to have you!~ Fortune Cookie
  • I love you to the MILKY WAY and back!~ Milky Way
  • We go together like Chocolate and Peanut Butter ~Reeses
  • I love everything you DEW~ Mountain Dew
  • I love your BEAR hugs!~Teddy Grahams
  • You always know how to PEP me up!~ Dr. Pepper
  • Thanks for always going to BAT for me!~ Baby Ruth
  • I love your cute BUTT~ Butterfinger
  • We are definitely MINT to be!~ Junior Mints
There are endless ways for you to make this your own! Just make a list of ideas, go shopping for them, and make your tags. I just used cardstock, wrote on them with markers, and tied them with ribbon. You can make it your own with all of your sweetie's favorite things!
After you make all 14 of them just make sure that you hide them, and then each day make it fun to surprise him with it! Some days I left them in his car, on his vanity area where he gets ready, on the kitchen counter. It's really fun to make it special each day!

I hope that you decide to do this for your valentine this year! If you do I would LOVE to see your ideas!!

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