Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Lightening up the Kitchen!

Hello out there!  This past week I did some stress relief…..painting the trim and exterior door in our kitchen. I might be weird, but painting is very relaxing to me and pretty mindless. I love the impact that it makes, and it is very budget-friendly. But, my favorite part is stepping back when you are all done and seeing the huge difference it makes. So, take a look at the transformation….

The most important step of painting trim and door is prepping everything before you even get started. Make sure your baseboards and trim are completely clear of dirt and dust. Also, before you start painting a door make sure it is clean as well. Using Painters Tape is a blessing even though it does take some time to get just right before you paint. 

Because I was going from wood to white I painted three coats of Zinsser Primer. It dries fast, so by the time I got done with one wall the other had already dried and I could start the next coat. 

With a door that is decades old there is bound to be some imperfections. Apparently over all the years the previous owner of the house was struggling to put up the perfect window treatments. This resulted in 20+ nail holes in the door….

Fixing this problem is super easy and quick. All you need is some wood filler, a putty knife, and sand paper. Between primer coats I applied the wood filler to each hole then smoothed it out with the putty knife. I let it dry overnight then sanded it smooth. After I finished the coats of primer and paint they are not an eye sore anymore!

For the paint, I used Behr Ultra (it has primer in it as well) in semi-gloss to make the baseboards and door easier to wipe clean. I used the same color that I painted the Built-Ins in our den because our kitchen is open to the den. I wanted it all to flow well. I am going to use this same color to paint our kitchen cabinets so it will all be cohesive. The paint color is "Silky White," and painted 2 coats of this paint. So that is 3 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint total.   

Some of the paint got under the painters tape on the door and dried on the glass. There wasn't much on it, and it was a simple fix. I took the razor blade out out of my x-acto knife and fixed it right up. Now it looks absolutely perfect!

Next on the kitchen list is getting rid of the banister joining it to the den, hopefully deciding on what new flooring we want, and painting the cabinets!

And there you have it! I wish that all of you could see it in person, because the new color changes everything. Even with the lights off there is so much light, and the whole space seems so much more open. Now, I can't wait to paint the kitchen cabinets because it is going to completely change the entire room! I am so excited!! Thanks for stopping by!

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