Monday, February 22, 2010

Enjoy the fine goods....

So I guess that the weather was so amazing this weekend that we needed to be punished because boy is it a gloomy Monday! I am just so thankful that there isn't any cold rain accompanying the clounds and wind. I sure hope that God realizes that we are going to be weather snobs after this weekend. I don't think that we want to go back to cold rain.

So, I got to start the day off by taking our Leadership final. Whoo hooo! Happy to get it over with, Alicia, Ally, Linda, and I decided to relieve a little stress by heading to TJMaxx to see what all they had. As much as I don't want to think about bathing suit season, I found one that I really like! It is a beautiful blue color and I actually wasn't too upset about how it looked on me. Of course, it makes me want to work on some problem areas, but that is the price you pay for trying them on right? Speaking of price paying the bathing suit is valued at $100 for the department store price, but I payed $25!!! YAY 75% discount!
I usually get my bathing suits at Target for around the same price, but I am happy about this one! Now I just need to do some squats and get a tan :)
After I got home from our retail therapy trip, I ran into one of my friends Billy. He was hanging out in the tv room at wesley and he asked me if I wanted one of his extra fortune cookies he got at lunch. I DO NOT like eating them, but I DO love reading the fortunes! Mine was absolutely PERFECT for today! It says....
"Enjoy the fine goods life has to offer
& friends with whom to share it."
It is always so great spending time with my sweet nursing friends doing stuff that have NOTHING to do with nursing school! It is a great way to relieve excess stress. I really don't think that we talked that much about school at all while we were gone! SUCCESS! And we got to enjoy the "fine goods" that TJMaxx has to offer college students :)
After I spent most of the day studying on the quad and the library yesterday, I decided to start cleaning out and packing up my room in the apartment! I started with my desk last night. I cleaned out everything and made three piles...1) TRASH 2)Rummage sale for FCC 3)Take home. I did decide to keep some things here that I might need until graduation like my scissors, glue, markers, wrapping supplies, cards, etc. But, the majority fell somewhere in those three piles. I also cleaned up my bulletin board. I don't want to take everything off yet...that is going to be a sad day! Here is what my desk looks like now....
I am pretty sure that I am going to move on to the bookshelf next. It is full of nursing books, binders, and extra school supplies. I guess I am starting spring cleaning a little early. I just dont want to be bombarded with so much stuff when I have to move out in a couple of months. So hopefully my after picture of the bookshelf will look much more bare than it does now!!!
Random fact that I found online today: Gerald Ford's home in Beaver Creek, Colorado is for sale! For a mere $13 million you could purchase his 7 bedroom house with more than 11,000 square feet. It also has an indoor swimming pool and overlooks a ski resort. What a great vacation home! Maybe we could all pool in our money together.....haha


  1. Hey Lauren, love your blog! I am 99% sure that we have the exact same desk lamp by the way

  2. haha yay! I am glad that you like it! I love reading yours too :)
    The lamp is just a plain old white lamp, and my mom hotglued some trim around it that was my grandmothers!



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