Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trauma and Free Pancakes...

So today was yet another day of lasts in nursing school! We had our last METI simulation case!
For those of you who are not familiar with METI check it out here. It is actually really cool!
We always have at least one METI scenario for each of our clinical courses in nursing school. We have a couple different simulators and they have been different characters over the semesters. Our instructors get really creative with wigs,clothes and accessories. One of our teachers is usually the patient's voice and we talk to it and treat it just like a real patient. Even though we have gotten more used to it, it is still weird talking to a robot haha.
But, METI is really cool because it has pulses, breath and heart sounds, we can start IVs on it, and all kinds of cool stuff. So we get to do our full assessment on it and it allows us to be more comfortable learning about different clinical situations before we would see them in a real setting.
I was really excited/nervous about the scenario because it is the big one! It started off by METI squirting blood across the room haha. To make a long story short our patient had fallen 30 feet and had a spinal cord injury and ended up in neurogenic shock. It was so fast paced and intense! It was a great learning experience! I am actually going to miss METI! I have always learned something from each scenario we have had!

Here is a picture of our team. Our clincal instructor is on the left. Oh, METI I will miss you!

My roomie Heather turns 23 today!! To celebrate our group of 25 went to IHOP's international free pancake day! Free pancakes for a birthday celebration is pretty much AH-MAZING! We didn't have to wait too long considering it is the IHOP in a college town haha.
I also got to sing happy birthday to my dad on the phone with my mom and brother!!
Time for some serious studying the next couple of days!

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