Friday, February 26, 2010

You didn't miss much...

So, it has been a couple of days since I have updated, but trust me you didnt miss much! This week my life has been extremely boring because I have been spending most of my time studying. It has pretty much looked like the picture above for going on day 3 now. All of the essentials: notes, highlighters, DIET MTN DEW (and the occasional AMP when ordinary caffeine wont do), and fruit snacks. Except the fruit snacks are rare because you can never find them in the vending machines at the library because I think they get eaten before the delivery man even takes them off the truck.
Anyways, i have spent the majority of my Wednesday and Thursday this week at the library and I was so good because I didn't let the urge to blog take over my self control to study. Even with this sitting on my table...

I mean, really? This does not help the fact that I would have probably done ANYTHING to distract me from studying for complex client, but I did it! I did, however have to move this lovely sign to a different table. haha

So, I'm going t let ya'll in on a little secret. I have this small notebook and it is where I jot down my thoughts that I want to blog so that I don't forget them (dorky I know). I think that this is really kind of crazy because I have to write down the things that I don't want to forget to blog about, and one of the reasons that I wanted to blog was so that I wouldn't forget things that occurred in my life...haha. So anyways, I have this notebook, and it is not very secretive because it has the word "notes" on the front of it. So my dearest friend Ally (also known as my study buddy) found the notebook and found the list of my blogging topics and added a few to the list. SO in honor of Ally I will now share those with you.... BRACE YOURSELVES!

This is my friend Ally...

This is "Snooki" from MTV's
show Jersey Shore

So, I am going to tell you why Ally is so much better than Snooki. First of all Ally is the best friend ever because she sends me the history text of the day EVERY morning, and I always get worried if I haven't heard from her by 10 because she might have died from DIC or a PE or something. Ally is really proud of her heritage and we definitely recognize her culture all of the time! She is from Chile and moved to the United States when she was in elementary school with her mom and little sister. So Ally is better than Snooki because she does not get in the hot tub with random guys and make a fool of herself. Ally is better than Snooki because she does not tan everyday of her life, or go to the nail salon every 3o minutes. Ally is better than Snooki because she does not get really wasted and get punched by guys in the bar. Basically, Ally is everything that Snooki is not which is why she is the better Chilean. The only thing that Ally and Snooki have in common is that they just happen to be from the same place....

So, there you go. That is what happens when Ally gets ahold of my notes about what to put in my blog. hahaha.

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  1. I laughed HYSTERICALLY reading why Ally is better than Snooki!!!



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