Sunday, February 28, 2010

Good and Bad Surprises...And March Challenges!

So update on that final we had on Friday....that is definitely the bad surprise of the week!! It was not so great and I don't feel that wonderful about it at all, but we won't know our grades until Monday night. So keep your fingers crossed and send miracle prayers my way!

But, the good surprise for Friday was our surprise for Micah!! Some of us drove from Tuscaloosa to the Summit in Birmingham to eat at Macaroni Grill for Micah's birthday celebration! Blake planned for us and two of Micah's friends from highschool that live in B'ham to meet them for dinner. Blake surprised Micah on Friday and told her that he was going to take her to eat at her favorite for her birthday a day early! And secretly, we had been planning all week to meet them there! The best part was that Micah told me on Friday that they were going....little did she know :) As you can tell from the picture I captured she was definitely surprised!!! It was so great! Blake did such a good job organizing the whole night! I am so so glad that we got to see her for her last birthday before becoming a mommy! I just can't wait for sweet Anderson to get here!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, do ya'll remember these guys?!?! I was thinking the other day that I remember the mascots from the 1998 Olympics in Nagano. I loved them!!! So I grew more curious about mascots that the Winter Olympic Games have had since then.....

2002 games in Salt Lake City!!!

Here are the little guys from Beijing in 2006...They aren't my favorite and I cant quit thinking that they have marshmallows for heads.

And here are the mascots for the games this year!! I haven't seen them yet, but some of you might have. I think that I like them the best!!! YAY Vancouver!

I am really sad that tomorrow is the last day of the Olympics! I really wish that Finals and HESI wouldn't have fallen during the Olympics because I would have loved to watch them more! Tomorrow the US hockey team is playing for the gold medal! Hopefully I will get more studying in before so that I can watch some of it!!! To get everyone pumped up for the big game I want to share a link with you. This little guy gives his version of the speech that Herb Brooks gave the 1980 US Hockey team before their miracle win!
If that doesn't get you fired up for the game, I don't know what would!!!!!

I decided to take a study break tonight and go through my bookshelf like I said I would in an earlier post, and boy did I! I went through binders from nursing classes and threw out everything that I don't need anymore, and decided which books I want to keep here, which I can take home, and which ones I can hopefully sell on Amazon. Here is the after picture! I know that it might not look too much different than the before, but it is much more organized, and I cleaned out so much that I could combine what was on other shelves with my bookshelf. It would be a lot more empty if I could part with my Harry Potter dvds and take them home, but I just can't help but think that I might want to have a marathon before graduation. I think Ingy (my cute little beta fish up there) is happy because he has a change of scenery. He moved all the way from the right side of the bookshelf to the left!

So I have the March issue of Woman's Day magazine, and it is a good one! All throughout it they have different suggestions to make your month more enjoyable, so this week I will share them with you!!!
Today is how to "live well in March"
This Month why don't you...
Write a letter to say hello, Who wouldn't love to get something in the mail besides bills?
Have a cheapskate spa day: sleep until noon!
Pop bubble wrap with your kids (or friends)
Join the March Madness pool at work
Buy a coloring book and crayons just for you. Trust us, it's fun!
So, my March challenge for all of you is to pick one (or all if you want!) and make it happen this month! Each day this week I will post more ideas throughout the magazine! Keep checking back, they have some good ones!!!


  1. I slept until noon today! Although, it wasn't very spa-tastic. It was because I have the stomach bug and was waking up every few hours. But, still, I feel like I'm able to check sleeping until noon off of my list. :o)

    I love you, and I love being able to stay connected to you!

    Oh, and don't forget Izzy from the 1996 Olympics. I loved him!

  2. I was going to mention Izzy...I liked him, too! (Although we weren't quite sure exactly what he was. But I think that was the idea.)

  3. hahaha I do remember Izzy from ATL! I only put up pics from teh winter games, but I still thought about IZZY! i will put him up in 2012 hahaha :)



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