Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A huge end and even bigger beginning...and more March challenges!

So I might as well and tell everyone the good news right away....


Well, technically I have one group project to present to the class at the end of April, but I have finished all of my finals and the final HESI and I was successful!!!
The final that I had on Friday (the one that I said I didn't think I did well on) ended up being better than I thought. I got 8 points higher than what I needed to pass the class with a 75! I guess that just shows that there is no need to cry and stress until you know the outcome for sure!
Yesterday was our dreaded final HESI. HESI is a practice version of the NCLEX which is what we will have to take to get our RN license after we graduate. We have taken a HESI at the end of every clinical course since 2nd semester. It kind of lets you know where you stand if you were to take state boards at that time. We have been hearing since 1st semester about the final HESI 5th semester, and we finally reached the day yesterday! It was 160 questions and we had 4 hours to take it and it is a nationally standardized test so our teachers do not have anything to do with what is on it. So, hopefully we have learned what we need to pass during the last 5 semesters . We have three tries from yesterday until graduation to pass the final HESI with a 900 (most nursing schools require an 850), and if you can't pass HESI you cant graduate. So, anyways I passed whoo hoo and so did Alicia, Ally and Linda!! yay!
After class yesterday a bunch of us went to celebrate being finished with nursing school! Here is a picture of me and Ally!! So happy!
It was just so rewarding to know that after all of the hard work we have put in, and after all of the weekends I have spent studying that it all paid off in the end. AND I will never have to study another weekend in college!!! YAY!! I think that it is starting to sink in that graduation is near!

So, the celebration continued today because my mom and nana drove down to Tuscaloosa to see me! Mom brought me some magazines to keep me occupied during my spare time when I am not working and I loaded up her car with stuff to move back home! We went to eat lunch and mom and dad got me these beautiful flowers.....
AND this awesome balloon!!!!!

I could not have finished nursing school without my parents support because they have stuck with me when I succeeded but also when I had failures along the way. They have always told me throughout this whole journey that it will pay off in the end, and yesterday I think I finally realized that it is true!
So, today is my first day of my preceptorship! For the rest of the semester I will be working with a RN and doing exactly what she does. I work the shifts she works, and I pretty much become her shadow. I will be working Monday and Tuesdays from 3pm-11pm and then Wednesdays and Thursdays from 7am-7pm. I am on the orthopedic floor at DCH, and orthopedics is something that I am not a huge fan of, but I know that I am there for a reason and that I am going to learn so many new things.
So I want to share with ya'll some more March Challenges from my magazine! The challenges for today are coming from the style section!
And this month, why dont you......
Take a mintue to make a blazer work on the weekend. Push the sleeves to your elbows and wear it open-casual and chic!
Replace your old white tees with new ones to make your wardrobe look fresh!
Smooth on a body lotion with a little shimmer for a pick-me-up!
Try a bright polish shade on short nails!
Get rid of the last of dry winter skin in teh shower with a sugar scrub!
Pick up a pair of bootcut jeans-they flatter everyone!

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  1. we had a fun visit. love you and see you saturday! -mom



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