Thursday, February 18, 2010

Make It Work!

Thursdays are just glorious!!!

Not only does it mean that the weekend is in sight, it means that I get to see all my Wesley friends at common meal and worship, and then after we get to have a PROJECT RUNWAY PARTY! I love love love this show! A group of aspiring fashion designers are competing for their own fashion line and each week they have challenges and the judges vote off one person based on their clothing piece they make for the week. It is basically like HGTV's Design star, but for fashion designers. One of the contestants actually graduated from Alabama so that is pretty cool!

Today was my last day of clinicals EVER as a University of Alabama Capstone College of Nursing Student!!!! I am kind of sad that we are done in the ICU because I loveeeeed working there. I love how the ICU works! It makes so much more sense to have only 2 patients and to do total care on them. I am just sad to leave it, but I know I have to!!!

So my new favorite thing that I just became aware of is WORDLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I made one tonight for The Gray family (my mom's side of the family)! I am obsessed with this wordle thing!!! Here is the one that I made...

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