Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Today made up for it...

So I was a Debbie Downer yesterday complaining about my terrible, horible, no good, very bad day! Sorry about that!!!!
This is my last week of clinicals in nursing school!!! AHH!!

This morning when my alarm went off at 5:25 I dont think that I have EVER EVER EVER wanted to stay in bed and keep pressing snooze so bad. For some reason the first thing that I thought of was "ugh....not a good day! Only 3 more days until I can sleep in!"

Well, shame on me because I had a wonderful day! I am doing my clinicals in the trauma/surgery ICU right now and it has been a great experience! Our instructor and the nurses are awesome, and give us enough freedom to do our own thing without making us feel neglected and thrown into situations we can't handle. It has been great!

I got my patient assignment this morning and went to look on the board to see who my nurse was for the day and I got SO EXCITED because it was my favorite nurse from 2 weeks ago! I was so so so happy! When she came on the unit I told her that I was with her again today and that I can't wait and she said "I know. I requested you!!!!"
It made me so happy! She has been one of my absolute favorite nurses to learn from, and I am so glad that she wanted to work with me again! It made me feel like maybe I can do this nursing thing.....

It was a great day and I learned a lot about time management and I really felt like I was a real RN! I am almost there!!!! I got to brush up on a lot of skills so that is always good too!!

I also went to meet my preceptor (the RN that I will be working with for 6 weeks before graduation) after I got done with clinicals this afternoon. I just had to drop off some papers for her, but I think that I will enjoy working with her too. I will be working on an orthopedic floor on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3pm-11pm and then Wednesday and Thursdays 7am-7pm. I am not fond of orthopedics AT ALL, but I am thinking that is the perfect reason for me to be put on that floor. There will be alot of stuff for me to learn!

Tonight Alicia made her mom's awesome chilli, and it was soooo tasty! It was a great ending to a wonderful day!

I took bama brownies to share with everyone!!!


  1. Lauren, I love reading about your great days (and the not-so-good ones, too). You're almost there, and you CAN do it!!! I'm proud of you, my friend!!!


  2. Lauren, where are you doing your clinicals?



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