Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day!

So, I thought that today might be a tough one, but I didn't think that it would end with a momentary break down!
For the past week me and 7 more people in my class have been working on our group presentation we had to present to the rest of our class and two teachers in class today. We were the lucky group who got the AIDS case study! As soon as we saw that was our case study we immediately started complaining haha!

But, the teacher handed out the top 8 points that she wanted us to touch on for our project exactly a week ago and we ended up working about 20 hours on it in three different meetings and time we individually spent researching our topic. We ended up making a spoof of MTV's tv show "True Life...I have AIDS" If you haven't seen this show, it finds real-life people in America who fit the title of their show. Some examples are "True Life...I am addicted to meth", "True Life...I don't know who my baby's daddy is"....you get the point. They follow these people around so that America can get a glimpse into their world.

So we all had different parts on the "show", and mine was the nurse, haha original.

My topic was to focus on the three different antiretroviral drugs that our patient was on and to discuss everything we would need to know about it as a nurse. So, anyways our 50 min presentation was finally over that we had spent so much time on and we didn't quite get the response we were hoping for from our professors...

It wasn't too bad, I just think that we were all hoping for a pat on the back.

So, I got upset and when I got home from class I started realizing that I am fixing to be a RN in a couple of months and I started feeling unprepared and unworthy so I did the best thing that I knew to do....I wrapped up in my BAMA snuggie, ate a piece of chocolate cake my roomie made for v-day, and had a good cry.

I was planning on making dinner again tonight but Justin decided to bring me dinner since I was upset and I have a lot of school work to do before my early bedtime. But, no matter how terrible or horrible my day was, Taco Casa from my sweetie makes it all so much better!! Taco Casa is another place to add to your list of visits when you come to ttown. The absolute BEST chicken soft tacos I have ever ever had! It is a favorite, and I am really going to miss it when I don't live here anymore in a few months!

Just in case you aren't a faithful BACHELOR watcher and I got you interested in my last post, Gia was sent home. I knew that she would be this week. Ali called Jake and wanted to come back, but he told her that he didn't think that was a good idea. So it is down to Tenley (yay!) and Vienna (boo!) We will see in 2 weeks who he proposes to!

Did ya'll see this today???

I thought that it was pretty neat because the history text of the day that Ally sends me everymorning said that on this day in 1923 Archaeologist opened the tomb of King Tut. I am sure that they timed the release of this information to the anniversary of the opening of his tomb. I thought it was interesting though; Mrs. Knotts did a great job getting us involved in Egyptian history in 6th grade aparently!!

So, Ash Wednesday is tomorrow... is anyone giving up anything for lent? I can't decide what I am going to do, if anything. I am still trying to make up my mind.

This is the latest article out right now on Comcast.net about the professor at UAH...

How do small things like killing someone get swept up under the rug? really?? I am just so confused. It is scary to think that people who are that evil hearted can walk around free like everyone else who are trying to make a positive difference in the world. The fact that she has ruined so many innocent people's lives is what makes me so mad. I guess there is nothing left to do in this situation except pray.

In happy news..... my dear dear friends Blake and Micah are expecting their first baby in March!!!!! They had their pregnancy photoshot on Sunday and they all turned out so great!!!

Aren't they awesome!! This is only a few, too! They are just too darn cute!!! I can't wait for Anderson to be here so I can meet him!!!!!!

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