Monday, February 15, 2010

Guilty Pleasures!

Aren't Mondays just so wonderful?!?! haha. If that "severe" weather would have happended then maybe we would have had a 4 day weekend!!! I knew that was wishful thinking...
So in my Leadership class today the administrator of DCH Regional Medical Center (the hospital here in Tuscaloosa where we do most of our clinicals for nursing school) came and talked to us. As much as our Leadership course feels like torture I have really enjoyed all of the guests speakers we have had.
I really liked what he was talking to us about, and he had something in his slides that I thought was pretty inspiring....

"How do you want to brighten the room?"

"When you enter the room?"
"When you leave the room?"

Attitude is something that is so important, especially when you are searching for jobs! haha It is also so important in our day to day lives as well. I know that I don't want people to be happier when I leave the room! I want them to be happy when I walk in!!! Just something to think about!

So have I told ya'll about my guilty this pleasure so far this year.........

I have never, ever, ever gotten into the whole Bachelor an Bachelorette thing! I always thought that it was bizarre that all of these people who have had bad luck at love would think that going on national tv and to have people handpicked for them would magically change their luck with love. And even though part of me still feels that way, I must admit that I am GLUED to this season! Here is a quick character synopis....
This is Jake. He is the bachelor that has come on the show to find love. Each week he cuts girl after girl in search for his future wife. He was actually on the Bachelorette, but was cut. He is a piolet from Texas. He started off with I think 25 girls....

Here they are! He cut 10 girls the first week, and now there are 3 girls left. Last week one of the girls decided to leave because she was going to be fired from her job if she didn't come home. But on the preview for tonight's episode she calls Jake back and it makes us believe that she is going to regret her decision to choose her job over love....

This is Ali. She has been one of Jake's favorites from the very beginning. Will she come back tonight????

Okay, these are the three girls that are left. Jake is going to decide which one he wants to be his wife. On the left we have Tenley. She is my personal favorite! She is from Oregon and she has actually been married before, but her husband cheated on her and she just went through her divorce. Jake went to meet her parents last week in Oregon, and I really liked her family too. Oh, and she is also a dance teacher!! yay! In the middle is Gia from New York City. I really like her too! She is a swimsuit model, and Jake went to NYC to meet her mom and brother last week. I think that she will probably be sent home tonight though. On the right is Vienna from Florida. She is the girl that all of the other girls have hated the whole season because she says exactly what she is thinking, and I think that is why Jake still has her in the running to be his wife. Some girls in my nursing class said that they heard he ends up choosing Vienna, which I will not be too happy about, but I guess it isn't my choice right?
Anyways, I'm sure that most of you could care less about the Bachelor, but if I got you interested watch it tonight on ABC, or I'll probably post later who Jake sent home!!!!

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  1. Lauren, I so met him in an elevator when I was in Pasadena!! What a cutie!

    Love ya, Kimberly



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