Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day has always been a special day for Justin and I! This year we celebrated our 9th Valentines Day together! We started celebrating on Wednesday night when we went to Red Lobster courtesy of mom and dad!!! THANKS! We decided to go on Wed. night and celebrate early because we had other plans with friends and family the rest of the week. It was a great dinner, and we haven't been able to relax and have a good meal together in a long time. I don't think that we talked about school once! SUCCESS!
Friday night we went to eat with my closest friends from nursing school at a favorite mexican restaurant. My friend Ally's boyfriend came in town from Texas for the weekend. It was great to finally meet him and to know that he actually exists!
Saturday was a great day!!!! We went to the Bama basketball game (the first one that I have been to this season) vs. Arkansas! Justin's parents met us there, and it was an amazing game! It is always nice to sing Rammer Jammer! If you missed it, here is a quick rundown...

After the game Justin, his parents, and I went to an amazing restaurant in town called Cypress Inn! If you are planning on visiting ttown or ever planning on visiting ttown you MUST make a visit! It is a well-known local place that is on the river! Not only does it have great food, it has a great view too! Of course, they were really crowded for the weekend, but it was enjoyable as always. I am so glad that Justin's parents got to come down for the day to spend time with us. We had a great day, and we got to exchange valentines!
My Valentine!
The Stiles!

Sunday (Feb. 14th, you know when you are supposed to celebrate) was mostly spent doing homework! I got caught up on some assignments and did some prep work for class this week. I met up with Justin and the youth from the church he lives at for some amazing strawberry and vanilla frozen yogurt at YOGURT MOUNTAIN! Another place you have GOT to go to in Tuscaloosa! I went to Walmart and got stuff for dinner tonight, and 2 nights this coming week. I also got some AWESOME stuff on clearance all for $32!!

On the left is a tank top and I LOVE LOVE the fabric! In the middle is a Miley Cyrus (I still cannot believe I bought something from her line) peasant top! It is black with red and white stitching. On the right is a purple dress! I got them all for $3 each! So exciting!

I also got these shorts for $3 in one size smaller than I wear now! They are my "inspiration shorts" for the summer! They are olive green with white pin stripes!

For dinner I made Justin and I BBQ chicken pizza! I made it once before and it was one of our favorites! It is actually a weight watchers recipe which makes it even better! It was so easy to make and even more easy to eat!!YUMMY!

Can't forget the orange juice!!!

This is how I finished up the night...

...but at least I had a great study partner to keep my company!

I hope that everyone had a great Valentines Day! It is a great time to tell everyone in your life how much you love them!

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