Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cooking and Movies make everything better!

So as fast as this weekend got here, it has come and gone. This weekend is one of the last ones that I will live in Tuscaloosa! I have said it a lot, but it still sounds so crazy!

I have been really under the weather this whole week, and I have been struggling with getting back into the swing of things after spring break, so I was super duper excited when all of my girls said they watned a low-key weekend! yay! We spent both nights cooking dinner and watching movies! It was fabulous!

Friday, Sarah made amazing Weight Watchers slow cooker ranch was sooooo good! She hasn't sent me the recipe yet, but when she does I am definitely planning on making it again! It was fabulous!!!

We rented Julie and Julia and Up in the Air to watch, and I was disappointed in both of them! I was really sad! They were okay, but Julie and Julia was a little boring, and Up in the Air was not what I was expecting at all and I wasn't too happy with the ending. But, we are starting to mark off movies from our list!

At our Oscar party Ally, Leah, Alex, and I made a list of movies that we want to watch before graduation, but it is going to be challenging to watch all 11 movies we have left!!! We will see how it goes!

In one of the magazines I have there is a page that asks its readers "What's the best way to spend Sunday afternoon?" Readers said....
"Brunch with my favorite girlfriends"
"Every Sunday is family day! Four generations get together and enjoy a great pasta dinner"
"I love to get my Julia Child on and dtry a challenging new recipe for Sunday supper"
"Reading the pile of magazines I save all week while sipping a great cup of coffee"

Those all sounds pretty good to me.... is how I have been spending my Sunday afternoon so far. I decided to go outside into the pretty weather ( I have been avoiding it because I thought it would make my allergies worse) and it was so nice! I sat on the steps at Gorgas and enjoyed it so much!
I decided that I want to start reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows before the movie comes out. I did this for the last movie, and I am glad that I did because I was able to understand the movie so much more because they do leave out a lot.

In sad news this week, I think that it might be time to retire my most absolute favorite pair of tennis shoes. As you can see in the picture, almost the entire sole has come apart from the bottom of the shoe! I still haven't decided if I am going to try and salvage them or not. After all, I did get them when I was a freshman in high school (that would be 9 years!)

So, Spring is here, and with that comes two dreaded words....Spring Cleaning!
Really, I don't ever remember Spring Cleaning being a huge deal at our house growing up, because we usually tried to keep up the house every week (mom basically had to threaten us to make this happen), but this year has been different because I am getting ready to move back home after graduation. I did some intense spring cleaning in my room at home when I went home for spring break, and I am slowly getting some done in my room in Tuscaloosa, too. The March issue of Womans Day has an amazing article on spring cleaning that has made me realize how much goes into cleaning, and how I thought that I knew everything that needed to be done, but boy was I wrong! I want to share a few things that I found helpful from the article...
The best order is to start with the laundry so that it is running while you do everything else. Start with rooms upstairs and first do "dry" rooms (bedrooms, office) then move towards the kitchen. Save "wet" rooms (bathroom, kitchen) for last. In each room, start on the interiors, emptying drawers and closets. To clean, go top-to-bottom and clockwise, dusting before vacumming.
It then has an ultimate chore checklist with chores listed, what to do, and the time yoiu should spend on them. There are chores on the checklist that I didn't know should be done! wow! It is crazy the amount of stuff I have overlooked, and when I have my own place with my own furniture and stuff I am going to pull this checklist out and make sure I get it done annually! It is a great, eye-opening article!!!

Just in case you want an update on my Easter grass that I have tried to grow, it is doing great! It is already this long in just 5 days! I think that it is about time for a haircut!!!

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