Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dixie, your biscuits are AMAZING!

So I really cannot remember a time when the week flew by as fast as it did this past week! I could not believe that it has been so long since I have blogged because I felt like it was just yesterday! It is hard to believe that I am done with two weeks of preceptorship! I guess having a great week had something to do with it!
I have become so much more comfortable and confident on the floor and I truly am thankful for the assignment that I got for preceptorship! I have learned so much about what the nurse does behind the scenes when they aren't caring for the patient directly. That is the stuff that I need to experience and become more confident in. I have become used to calling doctors and reading orders and then of course carrying them out :)
Now, SPRING BREAK has arrived!! YAY! I am home right now because I haven't been back since Christmas! Later in the week I am planning on going to Opelika to see Anderson!! Micah is in labor now! She has been since about 9 last night! Baby Anderson is going to be brought into this world surrounded by so many people who love him! It makes me so happy! And it makes me even happier that Blake and Micah have started Big House so that other children can have that same love in this world. I can't wait to hold him and squeeze him!!!!!!!!
Friday morning before we left to go our separate ways for SB, we went to eat breakfast at The Waysider! This is yet another place that you MUST go if you live or visit Tuscaloosa! It is known for its amazing breakfast that Bear Bryant used to eat all of the time. It is located in an old house that they have made into a small restaurant with Bama memorabilia EVERYWHERE! It is a bama fan's dream really!

This is proof that I thoroughly enjoyed my omlette and grits! YUMMY

This handsome fellow enjoyed it too :)
Isn't he just the cutest?!?!

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  1. the waysider was voted best breakfast place in all the nation on one of msn's polls.



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