Thursday, April 22, 2010

Finally getting some updates in...

So these past few weeks have been so insane that I haven't blogged at all, and that is UNACCEPTABLE!
Now that I am done with preceptorship, I have so much free time :)!!! I was done with preceptorship this past Monday, and it was a great/sad feeling. I learned so much and it prepared me for being an RN for sure! I feel so much more confident and comfortable being on my own now! Now, I just need to find a job!
Justin had his senior engineering project presentation yesterday! He has been working with his group for 2 semesters on creating wireless power! They wirelessly charged a cellphone! Pretty cool! There is a lot more that goes into it, but I can't even begin to explan it to you haha :)
To celebrate finishing our big senior stuff, we made dinner!

Here is our sweet and sour shrimp and chicken before...

...and our sweet and sour shrimp and chicken after!

Keep reading on my blog to see what i have been up to these past few weeks siince I haven't been keeping you updated!!!

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