Thursday, April 22, 2010

Birthday Weekend!

So, birthday weekend is always fun at our house! My mom's birthday is April 8th, and mine is April 12th, so we have fun celebrating together
This year was extra special because my mom turned 50!!! She is really coping well with it I think haha. So, since I am pretty much almost an adult, I figured that I should plan a nice party for mom because if anyone deserves it, it is her for sure! I started planning it back in December and with the help of awesome people in Huntsville, I was able to pull it off! I was a little nervous about planning it from Tuscaloosa, but with the help of facebook, e-mail, and cell phones I was able to invite about 75 people and keep it from her the whole time!

The night started off with our family and Justin going to dinner (I decided on Ruby Tuesdays because it is close to the church), and it was definitely not a good experience haha. I got nervous on the carride to the church, because mom was really mad about having to go to the church because our cover story involved her having to part with season 2 of the NCIS dvd she borrowed from Steve, the youth director. After her sharing harsh feelings in the car about having to go in, we finally got her in , and she was SHOCKED! It was so wonderful! Everything that I wanted and more!
Mom had family members, friends from church, work, highschool, college, and other places all there to help her celebrate turing 50! It was so wonderful, and I wanted to show her how many people she has in her life that love her! We took a lot of pictures, but of course it would be unrealistic to put them all on here!

The Saturday of our birthday weekend we celebrated my 23rd birthday! We went to Daniel's soccer game, went shopping, and layed out by the pool! Pretty much a perfect day!
We made a super duper yummy dinner on the grill! I love shrimp and chicken, and grilled pineapple!! So yummy!
Back in Tuscaloosa, my preceptor gave me the day off for my birthday! It was so nice to have an unexpected day off! Justin and I went to dinner at Outback, and then we came back to my apartment and had cake and watched The Blindside with friends! It was great!!

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