Tuesday, June 1, 2010

These are a few of my new favorite things.....

So it has been a LOOOONG time since I have updated, but now that graduation has come and gone and I am home now from my 2 trips so I should have more time! I know that all of you have been dying to know what has been going on with my life :) haha.
After graduation I went to the beach and then to Arkansas! I'll probably do a post about those trips later!
Graduation has been exciting for a lot of reasons, but I must admit that it was awesome to get some pretty awesome gifts from people that I love! I don't think that I have ever felt so loved!

I want to share with ya'll some of my most favorite things right now!!!

These are my awesome new shoes that I got at Target! I dont have any gold ones, so they were very welcomed by the rest of my shoe collection that I realized is a little tiny. I am super excited about them, and I planned my whole outfit around them today!
My wonderful friend Leah gave me these AMAZINGGGGGGGG stickers for graduation! They are stickers that she made for me to put in my books. It says "From the Library of Lauren Smith" I have already put them in all of my Harry Potter books and a few others! I am so excited!

For the past year and a half or so I have been collecting recipes from magazines and online, and I put them all in a 3 ring binder. Well, I think that I have gone a little crazy and I quickly out grew that binder, so now I am splitting them up into several! I have gotten a lot done and I am so excited! I can't wait for them to be done!

This is one of my favorite gift ideas. I made one of these for my mom for Mothers Day a couple of years ago. It is a box that has a daily scripture or encouraging message for everyday for a year. My mom and I made this one for Grace for graduation so that she can take it with her to Auburn next year! I loved the way that it turned out! It is an easy and personal gift to make for someone you love!

Last but not least, I found these amazing headphone cushions for my ipod! My headphones really hurt the inside of my ears, and I didn't even know that they made these dandy little things! And the best part is, I found them at the dollar store in Arkansas! There are 5 pairs of them, and in adorable colors! I was so exicted when I found them! Now when I listen to my ipod it is so much more enjoyable because I don't have to take my headphones out of my ears every 5 mintues!

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