Thursday, June 3, 2010

My First Alumni Purchase!

So, I have been trying to decide what to do with a portion of graduation money that I set aside to buy something for myself. I didn't want to spend too much because I really want to use the bulk of my graduation money to cushion my savings account.

At first I thought that I wanted one of these...

But, then I decided that I can deal with mapquest for a few more years. Although, I definitely want to get a Garmin in the future because I know that I will be taking some awesome reunion trips with my wonderful friends from college :)

Then, I thought that I might want one of these...
But, I had to quickly remove this from my list of contenders because WHEW are nice cameras expen$ive! I have a digital camera that isn't the best, but it works. So, I decided that I will keep the one that I have, but I do want to buy a nice camera before I start to have a family and kids so that I can fully capture all of the beauty that I will see and feel.

So, I finally came to a decision......DRUM ROLL PLEASE.............

I am jumping on the Vera Bradley bandwagon!!! I have been a little reluctant because it can be a very expensive habit, but i took advange of a wonderful sale and free shipping on Memorial Day! One of my favorite prints has always been Pink Elephants. I know that it has been around for a while, but I absolutely love it! And since it has been around for a while I was able to purchase a large duffel bag, large totebag, small and medium cosmetic case, and a curling iron case all for $134.oo! For Vera, I must admit this is pretty good! I am soooo excited about it! And I can't wait for it to get here so that I can go on a big big trip! haha :)
But, let me tell you, Vera collecting is not for anyone who has small self control or a small wallet. The obsession has begun, and now instead of a few mix and match items that I have received as gifts I have purchased my first big girl luggage set from Vera! I am sooooo excited!!!

What is everyone else's favorite pattern/item from Vera? I need all of you more experienced Vera purchasers to help me!! :)


  1. LOVE it!! I'm still hooked on my pink pinwheel and yellow bird patterns.

  2. I LOVE both of those too! And imagine you being hooked on the yellow bird pattern!? You liking birds?? haha :) I thought about you when I picked my new layout!!!

  3. They always retire my favorite colors! I like capri melon and pink elephants which are both sadly gone but I do like the new coral color.

  4. Pink Elephant is my absolute favorite! But, I really like Purple Punch. My wallet is purple punch, and I LOVE IT! My cell phone fits in it, so if I don't want to carry a purse, I don't have to!



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