Monday, October 4, 2010

First post as an Employed RN!

Today was my first day working as an employee of Huntsville Hospital!!!! Today was the big orientation day for all of the new employees of the hospital (nurses, security guards, radiology techs, accountants, etc.) So we basically had about 10 different speakers from different areas of the hospital come and talk to us about important stuff. It was a day jammed pack full of all kids of fun facts about Huntsville Hospital. Did you know that Huntsville Hospital operates on an almost $1billion budget each year? whew! And that our Emergency Department is the largest in the state of Alabama? Or, that we have over 6,000 employees? See, just fascinating!
I learned what all of the different codes in the bulding are, where to park, the typical HIPPA and Joint Commission lecture, and we got an uplifting talk by the CEO. We are building a brand new hospital from scratch in Madison that will be open in February of 2012. This is only the 2nd hospital that has been built from scratch in Alabama since the 70's!
Anyways, I could go on forever haha. But after today I really feel so privaledged to work at such a wonderful hospital. I am so excited about this opportunity, and I am so excited about this path that God is pointing me down. So, tomorrow I start orientation for the new nurses at Huntsville. I have that orientation the rest of the week and then next week I have Emergency Department 101 orientation!
I got my badge made this morning so I am official!! I clocked out this afternoon when I left, and I have to clock in and out from now on! I am excited!!! haha
I have been searching for a new watch for a couple of weeks, and I found this awesome watch that I think is perfect for the Emergency Department because it is small, fits around my wrist like a bracelet so that I can slip it on and off fast to wash my hands, and it can be wiped down with alcohol pads all day long. I found this one on, so after work I stopped by the store we have in Huntsville to buy one. They don't carry them in their store, only online!!! AH!! So, I started looking in other stores to see if I could find anything that would compare! I went to Claires, Charlotte Russe, Belk, and JC Penny and I didn't find ANYTHING like it! I went downstairs and saw that we have a Charming Charlie now!! I had no idea! It is this amazing accessory store that we have in Tuscaloosa too, and it is so wonderful! If you need any piece of jewelry, shoes, scarves, tights, bags, ANYTHING in ANY COLOR it can be found there! So, I got excited that I might find the watch! And, I DID! I found it in every color that I could imagine! They even had some with rhinestones on it...I thought that the bling might be a little too much for work, I mean what if a rhinestone fell off into an open wound? Yeah, not a good idea!
So, I bought a pink and a purple one! And, to make it even better both of them were only $6 total! I am so excited!

My trip to Forever21 might not have ended with the watch that I wanted, but it is okay because online they were 5 bucks each! So I definitely got a better deal at Charming Charlie. I did buy some headbands at Forever 21 to go with my new haircut! My new hair dresser told me that she wanted to give me a spunky new hair cut for my new job, and that it would look so good with different headbands! Forever 21 is the absolute best place to buy headbands. I got 6 of them for 3 bucks! They are just simple, skinny ones, but some of them are metallic and the others are kind of glittery. I am excited.
Anyways, I hope that every had a great Monday!!!!

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