Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I love where I work!

I have always loved being in the hospital. I know that might sound strange, and noone in my family can relate to me at all. Every time I talk about how much I love it there, I get really strange looks. Justin strongly dislikes hospitals, and definitely does not share the same love for a hospital that I do.
Ever since I was little, I remember going to the hospital to visit family members when they were sick. My favorite was going to see all of my cousins, aunts, and my mom when they had their babies! I have always felt so comfortable at the hospital, and would actually get excited to go there. I have been a patient at Huntsville Hospital 3 different times other than when I was born there. The hospital has changed so much since the last time I remember being in it which was before I left for college. There are so many amazing things that it offers to the community, and everyday that I go to orientation I learn more and more about what a great place it is.

Did you know that Huntsville Hospital is 2nd in the state of AL whose patient's donate the most organs to other people? UAB in Birmingham is number one. In the past 2 years patients at Huntsville Hospital have donated enough organs to save over 150 lives. This just blows my mind. One day I would absolutely love to work with organ donation. It has been one of my passions for a long time. Hopefully we will have a unit at Huntsville Hospital in the next 20 years or so that can make that happen. The only services that Huntsville doesn't offer is organ donation, and severe burn treatment. Those patients have to go to Birmingham or Nashville.

There is this awesome thing that you can be a part of when you are an employee at Huntsville Hospital called LifeSavers where you can donate part of your paycheck to any department in the hospital. 81% of HH employees are a part of this, and it brings in over 2 million dollars a year to the hospital. I mean wow! That must say something about how much HH employees love where they work!

I know that I haven't offically started working on the floor yet, and honestly some of these orientation classes are pretty miserable, but I am just so incredibly grateful for the opportunity to be working at this hospital. Most of the RNs that I am going through orientation with have been a nurse for a little while, and a lot of them have moved from places like San Fransisco, New Mexico, and Pensacola. It is pretty cool getting to know so many other nurses and hearing their stories from places they have worked in the past.

So anyways, Huntsville Hopsital is basically the best place to work! haha! I am still so pumped about this opportunity! Can you tell??

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  1. Glad you're loving it so far! Hopefully I'll run into you there sometime :)



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