Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree Koozies!

Christmas is my most favorite time of the year, and I am sure that most of you would agree with me! My mom LOVES Christmas too, and every year it is so fun to see how different our house ends up being decorated. This is the first year that I have been living in our new house around this time. Usually I am in Tuscaloosa, and I come home after finals to see what our house looks like, but this year I got to help get it ready! We have our 2 trees up, gifts all purchased and wrapped, lights up outside, and decorations in pretty much every room. I just love it!

So my mom and I went to the craft show at the VBC on Friday. We bought a couple of gifts that we needed to complete our lists, and we got some really cute ideas to make some things on our own. I want to show you one of them..

One booth was selling these super cute Christmas tree koozies! They were rediculously expensive, and I had actually seen them already online and I knew that I could make them for way cheaper. What do you think??

They are super easy! All you have to do is first find some koozies. I got mine at Hobby Lobby for 99cents each. Then, go to the ribbon department and pick out whatever you like! I had most of the ribbon at home already. If you can find a koozie that isn't green you could get all green ribbon for the tree, but since I couldn't find much more other than green I mixed in some red. Make sure to buy some yellow for the star! I bought some cute white ruffled ribbon to put around the bottom of the whole koozie to kind of look like a tree skirt. If you want to put a button in the middle of your star at the top, get some of those too. We had some extras in my sewing box. Oh, and you are definitely going to need a hot glue gun!
First, hot glue the ribbon that you chose for the bottom all the way around the koozie. Let it dry.
Next, just cut your ribbon into strips (5 for the bottom layer, 4 for the middle, 3 for the top, and 5 for the star.)
Then, take those strips and loop them and hold the ends together with some hot glue. I went ahead and glued all of my loops before I started placing them in their proper place just to get it over with.
Okay, now starting from the bottom, glue your loops into place and then work your way up until you have finished the top layer of the tree.
For the star, take your 5 yellow loops and glue the edges together to form a star. Once you have them glued into one piece, glue them onto the koozie, then hot glue a button in the middle if you want!
So easy and cute! And, so much cheaper than the $9.99 price tag at the craftshow!!
You can also take this basic ribon tree idea and put it on other things for Christmas. I have seen onesies for babies, aprons, you name it! The possibilities are endless!!!

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