Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fun Updates

So now that Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years has come and gone I have really realized how different my life has been lately.
I had to work on Thanksgiving which really wasn't too big of a deal. I did miss Thanksgiving with my family, but I got to go down to Tuscaloosa for the Iron Bowl. After I got off of work at 7pm Justin and I went down to Tuscaloosa and for the second Thanksgiving in a row we ate dinner at McDonalds haha. Being down in ttown for the Iron Bowl made me feel like a student again! But, then I had to drive back home for work and it was back to reality!
I didn't have to work Christmas which was amazing! I had the best Christmas schedule and I cannot complain at all. I love Christmas and all of the traditions and things that we do. AND we had a White Christmas and I would have been sad if I had to go to work instead of playing in the snow.
New Years was really really rough. I had to work New Years Eve, New Years Day and the day after. It was really hard because this was the first New Years that I didn't get to spend with Justin since we started dating in 2001. I was extra bummed out too because he and some of our friends were down in Florida for New Years and for Bama's bowl game. I wasn't happy about missing the bowl game either, but getting some extra holiday pay will be nice :)

So I am super excited about my Christmas gift that I got from my mom. I got a Nook Color and I love it!! I can get on the internet, play music, and store a lot of books all in the same place! I have been so busy with work that I haven't been able to read a whole book yet, but I am really excited about it. Now that I don't have to do reading for school I can read fun books! I am super excited! Here is a picture of it!

So now that the holidays are over I wanted to get all organized and ready for 2011. I bought some storage containers from Target and I now have all of my ornaments and Christmas decorations, gifts, cards, and wrapping stuff neatly stored in the attic. I also got this awesome idea from one of the blogs that I follow. I made a Christmas binder to get ready for next Christmas. I bought a 3-ring binder and put dividers in it. I have a Decorations section, cards section, Gifts section, Crafts/Parties section, and Food section.
In the decorations I have pictures from magazines and such that I have put in page protectors and they are all in one place. In the cards section I typed out a list of family and friends and their addresses to send Christmas Cards to and I also put one of the cards from the box that I bought in a page protector so that it will remind me that I did already buy cards haha. After Christmas is the best time to buy cards for the next year. I got over 60 cards for under 10 bucks! In the gifts section I have lists of gift ideas for various people, and ideas from magazines. The food section is pretty self explanatory. It is full of recipes!!! Baking, casseroles, drinks, etc. The craft/party section has ideas for christmas crafts and blank sheets of paper to write info about various Christmas parties.
Here is a picture of the front of my binder!

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