Friday, February 18, 2011

Plates anyone?

Okay, so I have this weird "thing" with plates. I was thinking about it and I thought about the show FRIENDS. To set up the point of the story in case you have never seen the show, one of the characters Monica is an obsessive clean freak/perfectionist. (And no this is not me claiming to be a clean freak because any of you that have lived with me know that is not true.) Anyways, have you seen the episode of where Monica is dating her much older boyfriend Richard (played by Tom Selleck) and Richard makes up their bed but while he went to the bathroom Monica had to remake the bed HER way? Of course he notices when we comes back in the bedroom and then Monica continues to tell him the way she likes things such as the tag on the bedspread should be on the bottom right corner when you make up the bed, not the top left. She then goes on talking about a certain way she folds her toilet paper, and so on and so on. Richard mocks her about her weird "things" during the episode. Okay so you get the point.
Which brings me to one of my weird things. I know that I'm not alone here, I'm sure that all of you have weird "things" too....RIGHT?

I prefer to eat off of plasic plates. I know it sounds weird, and it really doesnt seem to make much sense, but let me try to explain. It is kind of like the whole fingernails on a chalkboard thing. I cannot stand the noise that it makes when you are say for instance cutting your steak and your steak knife grates up and down on the plate. Or you are trying to pick up your food with your fork and it slides against the plate. I am seriously getting goosebumps just thinking about it. Justin knows about this weird "thing" I have and everytime it happens in public he just looks at me with a sympathetic face (aw how sweet) then he giggles (aw not sweet haha).

I totally understand that there are situations and circumstances where plastic plates just do not cut it. Nice dinners, holiday gatherings, going out to eat to places, but I just know that when I have my own kitchen the majority of my plates will be plastic. So when I invite you over to eat do not get offended that I serve dinner on plastic plates, just know that I treasure your company so much that I am chosing my favorite dishes haha.

Okay so now that I just spilled my guts out and most of you probably think I am a total freak, I want to show you my latest purchase at Target on Monday. Just so you know Target always has the most amazing selection of plastic plates. They are actually not called plastic, they use a much fancier term to sophisticate their selection of plastic plates. Melamine. Right now our Target has a whole isle dedicated to freaks like me.

So on to my purchases....

I bought this set of 2 "melamine" plates! I loooove them! I love the red polka dots so much that I really wanted to buy a full set of 6 to have for the future! But, everyone else loves it just as much as me and there were only 3 left. :( Sad day. BUT I have this awesome project that I have been wanting to do, and it calls for 2 "melamine" plates of various sizes, so I decided to buy these 2! Just wait until i show you what I am going to make with them! :)

I have been eyeing this awesome set of "melamine" plates for a couple of weeks. They have been in the Valentines section and I decided to wait and see if they would go on sale after Valentines Day and they did! 50% off!! So I decided to jump on it and buy a set of 6!

Here is the matching salad plate and dinner plate combo! And I can definitely use these for different occasions. The red and white polkadot can be used for a casual Christmas get together, or during an Alabama Football party...the possibilities are just endless haha.
So there you have it, my freak confession and my new purchases to feed it haha. Hopefully I will work on my project this weekend since I am off of work!
Love you guys!!

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