Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fun Springtime Flowers!

So how cute are these flowers? I stumbled upon them on one of my favorite blogs

She got the inspiration from Anthropologie. They had these flowers decorating their store and when she looked a bit closer she realized what they are made out of:

*Styrofoam Balls (there are all different sizes to play with!)

*q-tips (beware it takes more than you think)

* fake floral stems with the flowers cut off

*Food Coloring


1. Cut the q-tips in half

2. Start placing the cut q-tips in the styrofoam ball. It is tempting to place them close together to cover as much as the ball as you can, but when you do this the q-tips are too close together in the base and they all fall out. I actually lost a whole flower this way :(

3. Using wire cutters, trim the tops of your flowers off and trim them to the height you want them depending on the vase you keep them in.

4. Add water to a tupperwear bowl then using your food coloring mix until you reach the desired color. I mixed green and blue to make a turquoise color. You could make any color you want: pink, purple, yellow, the possibilities are endless! It is important to know that they will dry lighter so make sure that the dye is darker than you actually want it. One by one rotate each flower in the water until each q-tip is colored.

5. Place the flowers on a towel to dry. A little hint is to pick out which side will be the bottom and make sure that you place that side down on the towel. The towel will soak up the dye making that side a lot lighter than the others. When dry, Add each flower to the flower stems!

And there you have it!!! These are fun to make, and I think they are super cute! They are great for decorating! Maybe they could be the centerpiece for your Mothers Day celebration this Sunday!

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