Friday, June 22, 2012

Giving our Living and Dining room some Life!

Hey guys! Thanks for coming by to take a peek at our new living/dining room! It is a huge, white room that is full of natural light which I love! At first I was planning on painting the room, but then I decided that this room might turn into different things as the years go on so I decided to leave it white and just fill the walls with green and coral!

Enjoy taking a peek....

I loveee this wall! It is the first wall that you see when you walk into our front door! my aunt gave us this awesome antique game table that folds out into a felt topped card table! I found this awesome lamp on clearance at Marshalls along with the plate and picture frame. I got the cute birdy at Old Time Pottery for I seriously think $1! On the wall, I again used fabric to cover canvases which is a great cheap way to add color to white walls!

This is our little sitting area that we arranged in front of our awesome windows. Justin's mom gave us these amazing chairs that at first I thought I might recover, but I got the inspriation to add the coral to the green from them! The pillows are made out of some left over fabric I had from our master redo.  I made the curtains from this awesome FABRIC by Premier Prints that are so light which I love because it lets the natural light still come in! I got the side table from a garage sale for $10 and I put on some new green knobs from Hobby Lobby. I love this little area; it makes me want to curl up and read a book!

This is our dining area! I love having a place where we can have everyone sit when we have people over; there is just something about sitting around the table and talking! We replaced the light fixture with THIS one from Home Depot. I got some awesome frames from Hobby Lobby and put fabric in them to add the green and coral to the walls.

Our china cabinet is full of white dishes that I found on clearance at Marshalls that I love! I also have antique pieces of Fostoria and silver that we got as wedding gifts! I also have this cute little cupcake stand that I got on clearance at Target for $6!

Thank you for stopping by to check out our living room and dining room!!!
Love you guys!

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