Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Going to College Giftbasket!

Hey ya'll!!!

Okay, so graduating High School was one of the most exciting times that I remember having! It is such a great time, and when you are 18 it is one of the first milestones in your life! Also, it is super exciting to get ready for college!!!!

This is a great gift idea for those high school graduates that are heading to college!
I stuffed a storage basket with all kinds of goodies that are essentials for dorm room life! A few things inside include a mini cutting board and knife, kitchen utensil sets, plastic cups and bowls, sponges, storage containers, a mini collander, shelf liners, and a utensil drying rack. The possibilities are endless really to what you can put in it! Just think back to what you needed and used the most in your freshman dorm room!

Love you guys!

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