Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Updates on our life and crossing things off the list!

Hey guys! I want to appologize for the lack of updating lately; life has been super crazy lately! I swear that as soon as summer time starts life just takes off and it is almost impossible to keep up; I am sure that everyone agrees with me! It is graduation season, wedding season, vacation time, time to be outside, etc!

In May one of our close friends Chris Perreault who was serving our nation in Afghanistan when he was hit by a suicide bomber while he was on the street. At first we were not sure of his injuries, but we knew that he was alive. He spent a few days in a hospital before he was medically cleared to move to a hospital in Germany. As the days went on we learned more and more about his injuries. Thankfully, he has over come so many injuries including several broken bones, collapsed lung, blood clots, and many other things, but they are all things that will resolve with time. He is now back in the United States in a hospital close to where he has been stationed in Colorado. His family has been able to see him and we are so hopeful for a full recovery soon! Thank you so much for everyone that has prayed for him, situations like this make me want to Praise the Lord!!!

So, I have started to work on a few things that are on my list of 101 things I want to do in 1001 days! I am happy to say that I can cross off....................DRUM ROLL PLEASE........................

#10: paying off my car!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am soooooo happy about this! We decied that it was a smart move for us to pay off as much debt as possible early so that we can invest for our future! It felt so great filling out the last check and I am so grateful to my husband for heping me do it!  I certainly didn't think that I would be crossing this one off the list this early, but I sure am thankful that I am !

I have some really fun posts coming up that I am working on, but I felt like I need to post my official "I'm sorry for not posting" post.

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