Friday, March 15, 2013

#66 CFSF Reunion Beach Trip!

Hello Everyone!!
This post is a long time coming, but I wanted to update you on how my 101 in 1001 days list is coming along!!!
#66 on my list is a beach reunion trip with my CFSF friends! (Sorry, I can't really go into detail about what CFSF means because we might have to kill you...)
Long story short, I have 3 amazing friends. The 4 of us went through 5 semesters of nursing school together (aka TORTURE sometimes) and we were always here for each other no matter what!
Since we graduated from the Capstone College of Nursing in May 2010 we decided that we would take a reunion trip together every year!
This past year in 2012 we went to THE BEACH!!!! We decided that we could go to some cool city that we have never been to and sight see, but that really just didn't sound relaxing enough to us!
So, we made the decision to take a break from our nursing jobs and head to the beach for a whole week! It was the BEST decision! Our week was full of beach bumming, reading, watching movies, crafting, eating, sleeping, and shopping. Pretty much the only things you need to have an awesome week with great friends! And in just 4 1/2 months we are doing it again for our 3rd annual get together!!!!!
Love you ladies!!!!!!!!!

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