Thursday, April 18, 2013

New kitchen set up!

So this past week my mom and I went to visit my favorite antique store, and it never fails that I can't leave empty handed. I found so many great treasures for great prices and I wanted to show you one of them!
I have this HUGE (about 10 feet) empty wall in my kitchen that has had 3 different pieces of furniture on it, but none of them have seemed to feel just right. I haven't been looking for anything, but of course you find something when you least expect it!
I turned the corner to a new booth that I haven't seen before, and I found it!!! The perfect size buffet/console table! It is the perfect length, and more importantly the PERFECT depth for the space in the kitchen! And to top it off, it was only $70 and there is no way I was leaving without it! So, here it is!!! The perfect table in its perfect new home!!!!

I did have this awesome turquoise table that I got from Target on the huge empty kitchen wall, and it was great but just not the right size. To make room for the perfect new table I moved this one to a different wall in our kitchen/eating area and I think that it looks so much better!!! I love this table and I don't plan on EVER getting rid of it!!!

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