Friday, April 19, 2013

Work should be cute too!!!!!! :)

Hey out there!
Being a nurse, I never thought that I would ever have a personal office, but I am blessed enough to have an AMAZING job that I wouldn't trade for anything! And in that office I happen to have bookshelves that I can put my stuff in!
I decided that I wanted to make the bookshelves a little more cute! I had been eyeing this super cute Laura Ashley shelf paper from Marshalls but I couldn't ever figure out a place in my house where it would match. So, trip after trip I just admired it and left it sitting on the shelf.
FINALLY it hit me! It goes PERFECT in my office which has yellow/off white walls and yellow accents that I have put in there. So, for $6 I bought 2 rolls and added some color to my boring shelves!!
Shelf paper might be one of my favorite inventions EVER!!! I love finding places for it at home and now at work :)


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