Friday, August 23, 2013

Accent Chair Obsession.............VERY unhealthy I tell you!

Hello Everybody, my name is Lauren and I am addicted to pretty accent chairs. Even if I don't need them, and if they are totally crazy bold and don't match any room in my house! For a few weeks now I have been tossing around the idea of putting a comfy lounge like chair in my bedroom to create a cozy sitting/reading area. I'm not 100 % sure how this will turn out; I am hoping that it doesn't turn out to be covered by laundry in which case I couldn't enjoy it's amazing beauty! That will have to be a battle that I will win against the urge to be lazy!
So here is a look at our new chair in our bedroom! I decided to put it to the left of our bed under one of the windows we have in our room. I was a little intimidated by the super long base it has because it kind of sticks out a little into the walk way that leads into our bathroom, but with it angled correctly it doesn't really matter. The long base of the chair is what makes it so comfy too! I was worried that it wouldn't be very comfortable without arms or without an ottoman to prop my feet on, but it is SO comfy and so spacious!
Ellie didn't like it at first because it was getting more attention than her, and she is really weird about new things coming into the house, but I did find her lounged out on the comfy chair this morning!

So, let me lay out for you my thought process when I finally decided to take the plunge and just buy the stupid chair! I am so non-committal sometimes about random things and then other times I will just go to Home Depot and pick out a paint color without even thinking about it or buying the sample size first (eeeeek!)

Okay so our master bedroom was the first room that I painted when we moved in. Our entire house has white walls, so it was a blank canvas to do whatever we wanted. I chose a gray color that I love because it is so calming and I have white and green as my accent colors. Our bedding is completely white, so when I started looking for an accent chair I really wanted something bold and colorful!

This was my first find, and I almost bought it but for some reason I just didn't feel like it was the perfect find...

I absolutely love the print and the green and white combo, but I didn't want it to be so matchy matchy with my bedding and colors in our room. And at $154 before tax I wasn't sold on the price either.
Target has so many cute options for accent chairs, so I decided to look on their website. Of course when I started looking nothing was on sale, but I decided to be patient and wait to see if I could catch a good deal. Here are a few of my favorite Target finds...
I just love this chair and everything about it really. It was a very close second to the one that I ended up choosing. I have seen this fabric a lot on design blogs and on Pinterest, and I thought it would be a great option for my room because it incorporates the gray and green tones and also introduces blue in the mix so I could have fun with a new accent color. I still wasn't sold though for some reason I wasn't giddy.
So I kept searching.....
Then I found the almighty chevron chair. If you have been in my house you can tell that I do love some chevron so naturally I made this a contender. It was a great price at $120 with free shipping, but in the end I just decided that it would be a safe choice for me. Plus, I think that eventually I will get very sick of the chevron which means I will have a lot of changing to do in my house haha.
So, after looking at MANY more chairs than I shared with you guys because lets face it no one wants to waste their time looking at all of them and getting frustrated with my non-committal self I finally made my decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Whoo hoo!! I did it! I took the plunge and ordered it off of this past Monday and it arrived on my doorstep sometime Thursday! It was $127.49 before tax, and it had free shipping! I wanted to keep it under $140, and even though it wasn't the cheapest one that I found during my search, I just had to have it!
One of the main reasons this fabric won me over is because of a tutorial I saw over on one of my favorite blogs Young House Love!!!! They used this fabric to make a headboard for their master bedroom! Take a look at how beautiful it is...
My dad is in the process of making us a headboard now, and I ALMOST decided to copy their amazing design taste, but I opted for a neutral headboard in case I go crazy one day and decide to completely change all of the colors in our room.
I tried to come up with other ways to incorporate this beautiful fabric with ideas of making curtains, accent pillows, or just wrapping a canvas with it and making it artwork because its that beautiful. So, when I found the accent chair at Target I knew it was a Jewel moment...."you were meant for me, and I was meant for you." ahhhhh
I love how Sherry and John embraced the yellow and blue in the fabric and picked out the bright accent pillows on their bed. I am so excited because yellow is my first color love and I rarely use it in my house because I don't want it to be too harsh or bright. But, it definitely works with this and I can't wait to add some yellow and blue to our bedroom now!
So that is it! If you are still hanging in there with me and reading my crazy thoughts thank you! That is the very complicated, non-committal story of how I got the perfect accent chair for my master bedroom!  


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