Sunday, August 25, 2013

This week's recipes and favorite finds!

Hello lovelies!
So, my relationship with Weight Watchers has been a rocky one. We first met junior year of college when I started attending meetings with two of my friends. Looking back at it, all three of us didn't have a lot of weight to lose at all, I think we did it because we wanted to try to prove to ourselves and each other that we could make some positive changes. It lasted a little while, but ultimately it wasn't the best thing for the three of us, I did end up losing about 8 pounds that time which looking back at it was probably close to as much as I needed to lose.
So, after I graduated nursing school I started working nights in the ER and got into weird sleeping and eating habits. I was on a different life schedule than my friends and family, and Justin was still in school in Tuscaloosa so I just focused on work and developed bad eating habits and relied on caffeine A LOT! As I continued working in the hospital on day shift I never broke any of these habits. And working 12 hour shifts made me so exhausted that finding time for a regular exercise routine was pretty much impossible. Then came our wedding, starting our life together, buying a house, getting a dog, and just life in general. So with all of the life changes I was having making healthy decisions was not top priority.
This year I have been so blessed with an amazing job and I have finally gotten into a great routine which is how I thrive in life. I thank my mom for being someone who loves a routine and when something changes it I sorta freak out a teeny bit! This past March I decided to join Weight Watchers again. I went to meetings for a month and I actually lost about 10 pounds that month, but for some reason I just really didn't like the meetings and I really can't come up with any kind of reason that makes sense. So, again I just decided it wasn't going to work which was the chump move of course.
Long story short, I decided that Weight Watchers works well for me, but only having an online account is best for me. I thought it was a cop out, but I have been doing it for a week now and it has been working really well. So, I haven't been tracking my points for too long, and I am by no means a weight watchers expert but I can say that I am super excited about the progress I have made and even more excited about the weeks and months to come!
With that long confession said, I wanted to share some of my favorite snacks and tips from this week, as well as my menu for 5 of my recipes this week that are all weight watchers friendly :)

  1. This has been my favorite salad dressing!!! So amazing! I am a sucker for Caesar dressing, but it is just not very WW friendly. This version from Wishbone is amazing and it is only 1 WW Plus Point for a 2 tbsp. serving!
  2. Sugar Free Jell-o snacks are AHmazing! It is the perfect snack in the afternoon to hold you over until dinner! Each pudding cup is 1 WW Plus Point!
  3. These Fiber One brownies are the perfect little snack for a sweet tooth. It is only 2 points which is fabulous for a brownie with peanut butter chips :)
  4. I have been obsessing over pineapple this week. I ate a serving of pineapple every single day and I was so sad when my container was empty! Of course as a fruit it is 0 points which makes it even better

These are 5 of the recipes that I used this week to stay on target with my points. They honestly are all very tasty and very different!

  1. Bacon Meatloaf
  2. Crock Pot Chicken Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches
  3. Barbeque Chicken Pizza (recipe coming soon)
  4. Barbeque Ranch Southwestern Salad
  5. Pork Tacos

There you have it! My little Weight Watchers insights for the week :)

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