Tuesday, August 27, 2013

HGTV Cover hack!

Hey guys!
I know that I am not alone when I say that HGTV's magazine is one of my favs! I always get so excited when it comes out and I just have to run to the store and get it!
The July/August edition has the most amazing table set up with the cutest vases! I love all three, but I immediately fell in love with the polka dot vase!
So, I started desperately searching through the magazine to see where I could get one for myself because lets face it every girl needs a polka dot vase! They referenced fishseddy.com  They really do have so many cute polka dot kitchen items HERE. The same one that is featured on the cover of the magazine is $14.95 before tax and shipping which really isn't too bad, but I just can't justify it. Don't get me wrong I LOVE it, but I am used to sources like garage sales and antique stores for my junk so I couldn't do it!

This isn't the greatest quality picture, but I put a pretty little circle around my polka dot love!
Here is a picture of the milk bottle vase from the website. I really love everything about it!

So, while I was shopping at Old Time Pottery for a few things to help me with my book shelf redo guess what I just happen to come across!?!?! A polka dot vase that just made my day! It isn't the milk bottle shape, but I love that it has a handle, and I love the size. Most of all though I loved the price... $4.99!!!!!!!! YAY! I know exactly where I am going to put it, and now I just have to finish painting a very special piece of furniture so it can go in its proper home!

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