Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Be Our Guest ~ Guest Bathroom Update!

Hey friends! So lets jump right into it! Back in January we got super motivated to re-do our guest bathroom. The updates that we needed to do were solely cosmetic which was great on our budget for sure! So, it all started when we started taking the wallpaper off. Should be super simple right? WRONG! If you are a homeowner of any house built before the late 90's I bet you have a horror story about wallpaper! So, there were 2 layers of wallpaper and as I was peeling it off I could feel the decades coming off with it...oh wait that's chunks of sheetrock!
So, needless to say here we are in late August and we are FINALLY finishing our guest bathroom! After the headache of removing all of the layers of wallpaper, repairing the drywall, priming 3 coats of primer, and finally painting we are officially finished! We of course didn't rush to get this done, but we finally realized that we had to just get serious and get it done! So here is a look at our new space!
This is our before picture! I know that you are jealous of it's beauty.....

I went to Home Depot o buy my primer and paint and the wonderful color therapist as I like to call him pointed me in he direction of this amazing primer that is made to adhere to drywall beautifully!
When I update any room in my house I always seem to have one inspiration piece. It is something that I just love and I tend to base almost everything off of it. I found his towel set at Marshall's in Atlanta with my mom earlier this summer and I knew it was my piece. I decided that I wanted to pick a paint color that was very similar to the gray/beige in the towel.
I ended up choosing BEHR's Burnished Clay in a Satin Finish. I got it mixed in Valspar paint however so it was cheaper. I got a gallon of it for $28.
In the process of paining.......

And drumroll please................
Here is our updated guest bathroom! I hope that it makes you want to come visit us!

I absolutely love my shower curtain! I got it at Marshalls about a year ago for $14.99. Thomas Paul is the designer of this pattern and considering this exact print sells for about $35/yard I think I got a good deal!
One thing that I absolutely love about this bathroom is the amount of counter space! I get to put some cute completely useless decorations on the counters yay! :)  I got the blue vase with the succulents on clearance at Marshall's for $6, the silver vase on clearance at Marshalls for $4.50 and I got a single succulent at Hobby Lobby for $2.99 to put in it. The white picture frame came from Target for $7.99

I decided to use one of my milk glass pieces to hold some soap! I love milk glass; I have been collecting pieces of it from various antique stores since college!

The hydrangea picture came from an antique store; my mom gave it to me when I was in college. It is one of my favorites and I plan to carry it with me to every house that I own! The little basket holding hand towels also came form an antique store; I bought it earlier this summer for $4.
This is my statement piece for the room for sure! I needed something that would pop when you walk into the room on the main wall because it is the first thing that you see! I made this sunburst mirror and I love it in here! I don't think that it will be the permanent home for it, but until I decide what I want to put there permanently I think it has a great temporary home!
 Here are the towels that inspired it all! I got the bath and hand towel combo for $10 at Marshalls. The towel rack came from Target on clearance for $2.08!!!

 This Spring I bought new hardware for the vanity drawers and cabinet doors. I got the silver and white hardware at Lowes for four drawers and two cabinet doors.
Just in case you wanted to see the finished product again...........
And here is a quick reminder of our before and after! Thanks for checking it out!!!!

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  1. So, I'm loving this paint color! I've heard from others it has a pink tint in some lights. My question is, how do you like the paint color when said and done? Do you ever feel like theres too much pink?



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