Wednesday, August 21, 2013

DIY Gold Vase

Hey everyone! So, I like to take frequent trips to Marshalls and TJ Maxx to see if there just happens to be anything that my house needs...I'm not the only one right!?!?
So about 2 months ago I went into Marshalls and on the clearance isle I found this HUGE floral arrangement that I just had to have. It was $12 on clearance which was still a little high, but considering how large it is (about 14 inches tall) I thought that I just had to have it! I haven't found a permanent home for it but I am planning on relocating it to my laundry room once it is painted and finished.
One of my favorite blogs posted on her Pinterest how she took plain vases and added gold stripes and details to them! Look at how cute these are...
 So, I decided to take my clearance flower arrangement to the next level. All you need for this project is your vase, gold spray paint of your choice, and painters tape.
Decide how many stripes you want, what direction you want them to go in, and how much space you want between and start taping. Now that mine is finished, I wish that I would have done more than just 2 stripes, but the flowers are so large that honestly I don't think another stripe would have mattered too much.
Here is a look at my vase all taped up and ready to be painted...
Spray lightly on your vase; you don't want to get drips or bubbles. I did two light coats letting them dry about 5 minutes between. Wait about 5-10 minutes after your last coat is dry then remove the tape.
Since I purchased my vase with the flowers already permanently in them I had to cover my flowers with a grocery bag before I spray painted. Of course if you just have a plain vase this will be a lot easier :)

Here is my finished product! It adds just a little touch of glamor and takes it to the next level. I really like it and it adds a little bit of something to an otherwise plain clear vase!

These would make awesome gifts too!

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