Monday, January 27, 2014

DIY Medicine Storage

Hello out there!!
So, I have had ZERO medicine storage ever since we got married and moved into our house 2 years ago. My idea of organization has been keeping medicine bottles in a grocery bag here, a random drawer there, and even just stashed in our linen closet. So, it has been pretty imperative that I needed a new, organized plan!
So, what did I do? I started my Pinterest hunt, of course! I came across THIS awesome tutorial complete with the FREE printables to make your own chalkboard-inspired medicine boxes for storage!

  • Your free printables that you can get HERE
  • Black photoboxes (as many as you want to use for your printables) I only used 4 of the 5 printable options so I bought 4. I got mine at Hobby Lobby when they were 50% off.
  • Scissors
  • Spray Adhesive or Modge Podge 

  1. Cut out your labels
  2. If you are using spray adhesive, lightly spray the back of your label. If you are using Modge Podge using a foam brush lightly spread a thin layer on the back of your label
  3. Adhere your label to the back side of the box that doesn't have the label holder on it.
  4. If you are using Modge Podge you can put a thin layer on top of your labels. I used spray adhesive and I really do not feel like mine needs any further attention. It is up to you and how you think it will hold up.
  5. Stuff them full with your medicines and first-aid supplies!

So, there you have it! Super easy, super cheap, and it literally takes 10 minutes! Hope you enjoyed!

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