Wednesday, January 29, 2014

It's all in the details...

Okay guys, this is actually a post that I am surprised I haven't done already. It is easy for me to do posts about bigger projects around the house like painting and furniture changes, but really my most favorite things about spaces in my house are the smaller things; the details.
These details are sometimes inspiration for the entire room, and most of the time it is what my eye goes to every time I walk by. So, I wanted to share the little things or I guess I could just sing "These are a few of my favorite things....."
1. My Chevron Chairs!
So, I think that one of the main reasons that I love these two chevron chairs is that they were the final touch to my living/dining room make over that I needed. I knew that I wanted two chairs to put by the large window in our living room, but that was about it.
I didn't know what I was looking for, what I wanted or anything. I ended up finding them from and I had to have them! One main reasons that I had to have them was definitely the price. I got both of them with shipping for a little under $100. I think that the total was around $97. Most of the furniture in our house is re-used from our families, or garage/antique sales so I am always a little anxious about buying something new for some reason. It's just a new, weird concept to me.
Here is a look at the finished product in our living room...

2. My Entry-way Gallery Wall
This little gallery wall that I created in our foyer is one of my favorites because it has some pink incorporated in it. Once I picked the wall color for this room (which is a perfect blue-gray color) I immediately knew that pink would be a perfect accent color. I already had  some of the pieces you see here on the wall, so this was a super cheap project. I got the large picture frame from a garage sale because I loved the print inside for 50 cents. I just saved the frame and spray painted it pink. I had the "S" monogram and covered it with some remnant fabric that I also used in my round fabric hoop. Fabric hoops and fabric is an awesome way to add some color to a wall for CHEAP. And, I had the 2 12x12 canvases already so I bought some fabric with pink in it from Hobby Lobby. Since I didn't need a lot at all I only had to get 1/4 of a yard in each so it was a few bucks.  The floating shelf and brackets I got back at Lowes when we first bought the house. It is the perfect fit for our little foyer. The frame I got as a wedding gift, and the vase and flowers are from Marshall's clearance.
I just love that his wall is here as soon as you walk in our front door. It is so bright and happy! If you want more details on my entry-way redo you can see them HERE

3. Master Bedroom Curtains
Okay, so I feel a little weird about this one. The curtains in my master bedroom are the only ones in my house that weren't made by myself or my mom. But, I think that they are my favorite in my house. I feel like a traitor saying that, but I just can't lie. I think that I love them so much because they have completely changed the look in our room. They instantly added SO much more light than the solid green ones I had in there before. They also add some pattern and texture that I really needed. It may sound strange, but the vision I had for my bedroom was a beautiful hotel room that you feel comfortable and calm in. These curtains really helped make that vision happen. I got them on clearance at Marshalls (surprise surprise) I wasn't looking for any curtains when I bought them, but when I saw them and the price I couldn't resist. I am so glad that I got them, because I can't imagine our room without them!

4. DIY Tree Painting
So, this little gem was the very first painting that I did for our house! I can't remember exactly who's facebook I saw it on, but one of my friends did it in a painting class and I LOVED it when I saw it. I changed up the coloring a little, but copied it pretty closely. I didn't have to spend any money because I have a on of paints that I have collected over the years, and I already had the 16x20 canvas from something stashed in my craft closet. DIY-ing your own artwork is a great and much cheaper way to add some color and art to your house. If you see something that you love snap a picture of it and chances are you can re-create it yourself! I just know that I personally cannot draw or paint animals or humans at all, so I stick with the easy stuff!
I have it hanging up over a small buffet in my kitchen. Here is a look at it...



5. Den Side-table
So, this little area of our den is one of my absolute favorites. Not because of the table (which is WAY over-due for a sanding a paint job), but all of the little accessories on it. I got the lamp from a yardsale for $2 complete with a hideous shade. I threw it away and bought this one from Target. I really like the blue, white and black together. I got the super cute gold geometric from target not too long ago as well, but I can't find it on their website anymore. The flower arrangement I got at Marshalls. My mom has the same one in white, and I have always loved it, so when I saw it went on sale I scooped it up without hesitation! Oh, and the little round place-mat I got at my first Ikea adventure that mom and I had back in the summer for 99 cents!
6. My Floral Accent Chair
This little chair is one of my absolute favorite decisions that I have made! I have been obsessed with this fabric ever since I saw YoungHouse Love's master headboard they made. The colors were perfect for our bedroom, and I had been eyeing it on for a little while, and when it went on sale for about $127+free shipping I jumped on it! If you want to hear the VERY in-depth decision I made you can see it HERE

It now has a new and different home though....
Do you see it over there in the right corner? I had to give away our very rickety and broken glider that used to be there because it had seen much better days in the past. I decided instead of buying something new that this chair was PERFECT for the job. I actually don't miss it in our bedroom because even though I vowed that it wouldn't, it was becoming a home for clothes and things I didn't want to deal with. It is SO comfy and relaxing so it is my new favorite spot to sit in our den!

7. My Jewelry Organization
Okay, so this a project that I am super proud of! My dad and I made this awesome necklace holder so I could finally stop keeping them all stored away. It is so much easier to see them and I have found that I wear them a lot more now too because it is easier to find them! When I paired the necklace holder with my earring holder I made it is the perfect combo! If you want details on how to make your own you can find the directions for the earring holder HERE and the necklace holder HERE.
And, that is it! Just wanted to share a few of my favorite details around my house!

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