Saturday, January 11, 2014

Shut the Front Door!

Hello out there!!
So, I have been wanting to do this post for a little while, but I am just now getting around to it!
Back in October I had an impulsive moment and decided that I was going to paint our front door. Our front door wasn't completely awful, just very, very DARK! It was painted black to match our black shutters, and it was all just too depressing and dark to me. When I told Justin that I painted it (yes, paintED in past tense), he wasn't too keen on the idea, but he was also not surprised after owning a home with me for the past 2 years. Like most impulse updates, this one did not go entirely as planned. I picked out a color that I loved, but it ended up being a disaster. So, learn from my mistakes people!!! Let's begin!

I was fumbling around all of my pictures of the house and I can't believe it, but I do not have a "before" picture of the door from the front of the house! I was shocked! So, I found this picture of the foyer when we first moved in before we did our painting and updates. You can see the blah-ness (yes, made up another word) of the black, dingy door.

I found this swatch of colors by Behr that I absolutely loved, and I had my heart set on the first color; Swan Sea. So I got a quart of it in high-gloss and I started painting!

It's so pretty and bright isn't it?
Yeah....this is a lesson in paint color selection. Sometimes a color looks great on a swatch, and in your head it looks so beautiful...then it looks ridiculous.
Here is a picture (on the left) of my first color attempt (Swan Sea.)

So, I went down a few shades darker and rushed to Home Depot to buy another quart of high-gloss paint. This time in Hallowed Hush by Behr.

I was so embarrassed with the first outcome of my impulsiveness. I was praying that when my neighbors all drove by they didn't curse me, and when strangers walked by they didn't have to put sunglasses on to protect their retinas from the glow. I knew I needed to wait for the paint to dry, but those hours crept by sooooooooo slow!
So, here is the 2nd and final outcome. I wasn't thinking I wanted a teal-ish color in the beginning, but I really do love the end result.

Here is the end result from he street. MUCH more happy than the black door, and also much more visually appealing than the neon blue in phase two.

So, all that is left for us to do on the door is get some new hardware. I have decided I want nickel for sure, and I have harrowed it down to these two sets....

A few more things on my wish list to pull it all together...

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  1. That looks so great! I really like the square set of hardware! Girl, you never cease to amaze me with your skills...



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