Saturday, March 29, 2014

Quick junk drawer organization!

Hello out there!

So, we all have one…. 
The drawer in the kitchen that makes you cringe every time that you open it. Come on guys please tell me I am not alone here. You know the one; every now and then you try to open it, but since you have stuffed it full something gets lodged back there and is stuck so you can't even open the drawer!!! 

So, my drawer was stashed full of utensils and was so dis-organized that it made me cringe when I opened it everyday to cook. 

Because I love you I will give you a peek at what it looked like….

I saw this utensil holder on clearance at HomeGoods and I had an idea….

Here is the difference that this $5.00 utensil holder made...

The same amount of things, but it is amazing what a little organization will help do. I put the utensils that I use most often where they are easy to get to.
This is just one idea on how to organize your drawer of secrets as I like to call it. The one that always gets stuffed with crap and is a little embarrassing if someone were to decide to open it.

Here are some great options for drawer organizers that I have found in case you want to work on our own!

These are great because you can completely customize storage for all of your drawers if you wanted to. They aren't too expensive either with is always great! You can find them HERE

This option is great for true catch all drawers; and it can definitely maximize storage in the smallest of drawers! You can find it HERE
If you like the idea of a flatware organizer like I used this is a good option, too! I love that it is bronze! You can find it HERE

Since I made this change a few months ago I have loved it! I seriously open this drawer multiple times a day, and I am so happy with it!
So, dive in and get that drawer organized!!!!

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