Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Lavender and Coconut Oil Body Scrub

Well guys I was a busy little bee this past weekend playing with my new essential oils. Justin kept asking me what new potion I was working on haha. I must say that so far I am really liking my essential oils and finding ways to use them everyday and as substations for harsh chemicals and medicines. 

So the first thing that I made was a body scrub that only requires three ingredients...
 All you need is 1/2 cup coconut oil, 1 cup sugar, and 4-6 drops of an essential oil. I used lavender, but I am excited to try this with lemon, sweet orange and my lime that I just ordered a few days ago. I also want to try to make a peppermint foot scrub which I think will be awesome! So pick which scent you want to use and get started! I wanted to also share with you guys that I got my coconut oil at SAMS for $15. It is HUGE (54 ounces)!

Start by putting your coconut oil in a glass bowl. Using a whisk, mix in 1/2 of your sugar until the coconut oil and sugar are well combined. Then add the other 1/2 of your sugar and essential oil. Mix until well combined.

And that is it you guys! I was really glad that I chose this as my first "potion" as Justin calls it! It is easy and not intimidating at all! Just remember to store it in a glass container though; essential oils exist to destroy toxins so if you have them in any plastic they will destroy it.  It is good to invest in some glass spray bottles and canisters. Oh, and make sure that if you put a tag on it you actually spell lavender right…whoopsies  haha

I use this on my legs, feet, and arms about 3 times a week and I absolutely love how soft it makes my skin! I am getting my skin ready for warm weather!

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