Friday, October 22, 2010

Easy, Cheap Tray Redo!

So to enjoy our day off yesterday, Alicia and I hit up Sonic for happy hour, and then we went to Packards antiques to look around. It is so fun to look at all of the crazy stuff that people actually own, and every now and then you might come across a treasure or two. I found this blue round serving tray that ironically was not an antique because there was a T.J. Maxx tag on the bottom. I got the tray for $3! I really like serving trays, and I knew that I wanted to fix it up a little bit.

I found some awesome trays that I love online!!!

I love this tray! It is an old cabinet door that they repainted and added the hardware for handles! I love the idea!

I love how this plain white tray was handpainted, and now it looks completely different!

Okay, this is really clever. They took those punches that you can buy to punch paper for scrapbooking and punched out corkboard flowers and attached them to the tray. They are basically mini coasters on the tray so you dont have to clean up drink sweat!

I just love anything to do with the beach, and this looks a little complicated to recreate, but I love it!!

I knew that this was the kind of look that I was going for because my tray looks exactly like this, but only blue.

So, this is the tray before the make over. I found some scrapbook paper that I liked and got busy with the Modge Podge...

And here is the tray when I finished! I like it, but I am so frustrated with the airbubbles that formed under the paper. Oh well!! The total cost for this was only 3 dollars because I used paper that I already had and I always have Modge Podge around!

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  1. the air bubble thing can be resolved by getting the little roller thingy from our wallpaper supplies. I love it. -mom



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