Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Obsessions!!

Okay so I have some new obsessions! have any of you been to JoAnns? We just got a JoAnns in Huntsville, and I have never been to one, but I went a couple of weeks ago and wow! There is so much fabric in there it is crazy!!!!!
Does this material look familiar......

I have loved this fabric for a couple of years now. It always pops up in the decorating magazines that I looked it. It's an apron here, a pillow there, its really just everywhere! I found it online but it was a little pricey with shipping so I had to pass. WELL Joanns to the rescue!!! I saw it and started screaming! My mom noticed that it was from my blog right away. I just went ahead and bought 3 yards of it. I have no idea what I'm going to do with it, but I will find something!!! :)

So I know that if you are a girl anywhere around my age you can relate with me when it comes to the subject of beanie babies. I (along with all of you I'm sure) was an AVID beanie baby collector! I remember the very first one that I got. I was in the hospital for a couple of weeks the summer before 4th grade and one of our family friends brought me a couple of beanie babies. From there on out I was hooked. I was so incredibly spoiled with beanie babies. I remember when all of my friends had their slumber parties for their birthdays EVERYONE brought their beanie babies and we always played with them.

Well, in highschool I made a HUGE mistake. I decided to give away my beanie babies. I kept a small bag of a few, but parted ways with the rest. I decided last month that I would just start looking on ebay to see what all beanie babies were out there. This is what happened....

I ended up purchasing all of these hahaha! It is a bad bad bad addiction! I thought that Justin was going to check me into Beanie Baby Anonymous for sure! I don't know what I am going to do with them for the time being, but if nothing else they will be saved along with my American Girl dolls for my kids. I seriously just love them so much and they take me back to my childhood and that makes me so happy! So I know that most of my friends that follow this probably collected beanie babies too so I can't be the only one right!?!? Everyone tell me which beanie babies are your favorite!

Each Spring Justin's church (First Christian Church) has a huge rummage sale as a fundraiser for their youth mission trip. This year Justin's mom was in charge of it, and it was a HUGE success!! I haven't ever been able to help out with it or even go really, but this year I had some time to go and shop a little and here are my finds.... I got a brand new muffin pan for 50 cents!!!!! I am so excited! I got the really nice white baking piece for 2 dollars which is a steal! It is oven/dishwasher safe and it is HUGE! Justin's mom got me the bundt cake pan because I had to borrow hers becuase I don't have one haha! :) If you are still reading you are the best!


  1. I got my bundt pan at a church rummage sale too! And I love it...I think it has character :) Good luck on your fabric-project-to-be...that's on my to-do list in life...learning to sew well!

  2. I gave a bunch of my beanies to a ministry group/food pantry when I moved. I should have let you raid my collection!

    Cannot wait to see what you make s from your apple print material. We have a JoAnns really close to my house and it makes me really sad that my sewing machine is broken :(

  3. You always find such good deals! I am with you on the Beanie Babies. My favorite was Ringo the Raccoon, my first one!



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