Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Covering the white walls......

So remember my post about my weekend projects with my new fabric? Well....we had a little more to do this past weekend than I thought and my weekend  projects are moving into my days off during this week projects haha. I'm sure this has never happened to any of you right???

We have a formal living room and dining room in our house which is actually pretty big. The walls are white and I decided that I didn't want to paint them just yet so I have been trying to figure out ways to add some color to the walls as a temporary fix. We have an open wall that you see as soon as you walk into our house so I decided to start with this one first. My aunt gave us this awesome antique table that folds out to a game table with a felt top. It is the perfect size for the wall and I knew that is exactly where I wanted to put it. When I got it I decided to take a trip to Marshalls to see what I could find to put on it (I love excuses to go to Marshalls, don't you?) I have had my eye on this lamp that I bought but it was more than I wanted to pay but it just happened to be on clearance for $20 so I decided that it was exactly what I needed. I also got this super cute bird plate that I knew would be perfect for the table. So the next step was fabric shopping (which is another great excuse) and I found some cute Amy Butler fabric that I knew I wanted to put on the wall to add a lot of different colors. I had the green and coral fabrics which I am using for more artwork on the other white walls in the room. I raided my craft closet for some different size canvases that I had to wrap the fabric in and now I have instant wall color! Since the table was gifted to us, the total amount for this wall make over was less than $40 and it only took about an hour. I love it, and I am so happy that it is the first wall you see in the living room when you walk in our house!

I will keep you posted on my upcoming projects to cover more white walls!!!!!

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