Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My closet...errr office update!

Hey everyone!

Today I want to share my little closet/office makeover! In our three bedroom house we have turned the smallest bedroom into a home office/small gym. In one corner we have our cycling bike and small exercise equipment area that we added not too long ago. You can see that post HERE. In the opposite corner we have our computer desk set up where Justin mainly sits; it has our printer and file cabinet over there as well.
So when we were moving in and figuring out what we were going to put where I had a big dream of an amazing craft room... I know that I am not alone out there! Realistically speaking I knew this was going to have to remain a dream and with the help from my mom and some inspiration from Jen at IHeart Organizing We made a plan to turn the closet in our third bedroom into a space for me! 

Here is what the closet looked like when we first moved in...

So, this room is where we keep our Alabama d├ęcor, so naturally my first thought was to make my little closet fit with the rest of the room. Here is what we started with....

I love my alma mater, but I have been itching for a change. I wanted to bring in some fun colors, and make my space a little bit more glamorous! Take a look at what it looks like now...

My wonderful glass desk is actually a console table that my mom spotted at an estate sale we went to right after we bought our house back in 2011. She had the vision that it would be the perfect size desk for my closet, and like always she was right! I love having a glass table because it makes the area feel even more open and not so cramped, but to top it off it was only $10!

My mom also helped me figure out a smart way to store my fabric because I have a TON! I got this sweater organizer for all of it, and it works perfect!

Since this is a closet, lighting isn't exactly perfect. I have needed a lamp in here for a while, and I decided on this LED bankers lamp from Home Depot. I really love it, and it is the perfect size.

I got this antique brass tray and bumblebee dish this past weekend when I went antiquing in Tennessee! The flower arrangement is from TARGET, and my diffuser is from Marshalls.

I got this cute little journal as a gift, and I just love it!

My bulletin board is really a square canvas covered in a gold polka dot napkin. At Christmas time I saw a set of gold polka dot napkins at Marshalls, but I decided that I didn't really need them. Well, I went back a few weeks ago and now in March they were on clearance! YAY! So, I took one of them and covered my canvas with it using spray adhesive...

I made the three pictures with an app that I love and use all of the time called Rhonna Designs. I use this app a lot with my blog and Instagram pictures. I just love all three of them, and lets face it we all need to know that there will be miracles!

I also got these vintage postcards while we were antiquing in Tennessee. What is so neat about them is they are all places that I have traveled to. I love how vibrant the colors are!

I have little things in these drawers like label holders, paper clips, a mini stapler, tape, etc. I didn't really know what to put on the labels, so I decided to put 4 of my favorite bible verses just for fun!

For the shelf above the closet I got these photoboxes for $1 each a few years ago at Michaels. I have always used them in here, but I revamped the labels and I love the way they turned out!

Here is one last look at the finished product! I hope that you like the change!


  1. You certainly have quite a talent for space conversion and use.....nice!

  2. It looks great Lauren!! I love how it all came together! You are so talented!!



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